Brad Pitt: Partying at Nightclubs as Friends Fear Relapse

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Back in May, following months of rumors about his personal life and the state of his mental health, Brad Pitt admitted to struggling with a drinking problem and seeking treatment for substance abuse.

In a surprisingly candid interview with GQ, the 53-year-old Pitt revealed that he had been drinking heavily since college and couldn't recall going a single day in his adult life without some sort of inebriant.

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After a tumultuous year, Pitt's life is reportedly settling back down these days.

His formerly contentious custody battle with Angelina Jolie is said to have reached a more civil stage in which both parties are working together to figure out an arrangement that works best for their kids.

The actor is working again, and there are rumors that Pitt is romantically involved with Sienna Miller.

Of course, his sobriety is still relatively new, and thus, rather fragile.

Anyone who's struggled with addiction can tell you that at the point Pitt's at now, it's a near-constant battle.

So it's no surprise that friends are said to be concerned by reports that Pitt was recently spotted partying at a nightclub into the wee hours.

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According to Radar online, Pitt was "the last man standing" at the Rabbit Hole Club in England on June 23, where he partied until 3 am after spending the day at the Glastonbury Festival.

"At this rate, Brad’s heading for a major relapse, and he’s only going to push Angie’s buttons if she thinks Brad’s flirting with Sienna," a source close to the situation tells Radar.

A relapse, of course, would be devastating not only in terms of Pitt's health and overall well-being, but also with regard to his custody rights.

Insiders say he and Jolie have reached a point where they're amicably co-parenting their six children, but that peace is rumored to be tenuous.

"Right now Angie holds all the aces in terms of custody, so Brad needs to keep on her good side," says the source.

Hopefully, Pitt's been able to party without getting drunk or high.

If that's not the case, we hope for both his sake and the sake of his children that he'll be able to find the help he needs.

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