Beyonce Baby Names: What Do They Mean?!?

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Well... okay thenBeyonce and Jay Z.

Whatever you say, we guess..

You guys just keep doing you

Jay Z and Beyonce: In Love!

This sums up the general sentiment fans of the power couple have had ever since learning about Beyonce's alleged baby names:

Sir Carter and Rumi Carter.

Yes, for real.

Or at least it seems that way, based on a number of trademarks the artists filed last week to make sure no one else could profit off the use of those names in nearly any way.

Beyonce and Jay Z are already parents to a girl named Blue Ivy, whose name at the time of her birth took most fans by confused surprised.

But Sir and Rumi?!? How did the superstars even come up with those?

Beyonce and Jay Z on Stage

Sir, the reported name given to the newborn boy, is of English origin.

It's typically reserved to important people who have received the honor of being knighted in Great Britain, such as Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

It almost sounds like someone's chosen rapper nickname, right?

Sir Carter. You can see a musician performing under that moniker, can't you?

It certainly highlights Jay Z's given last name and perhaps speaks to the career he hopes his won takes up in a couple decades.

No pressure on you, Sir. One of the most successful rappers of all-time simply wants you to follow in his awe-inspiring footsteps.

What about Rumi?

Some folks out there are drawing comparisons to the 13th-century Persian poet of the same name, whose work has influenced the arts for many generations. 

His first name was Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi and he's a best-selling writer in the United States.

(Actress Josie Maran, it's perhaps worth noting, welcomed a daughter named Rumi in 2006.)

Moreover, the name is also used in Japan, where it means "beauty," "current, "flow" and "water." Interesting, right?

name response

Neither Beyonce nor Jay Z has commented on these supposed names.

Heck, they haven't commented at all when it comes to their kids.

As far as we've heard, Beyonce gave birth prematurely, which resulted in a minor medical issue that kept the kids in the hospital for several days.

But they're resting comfortably at a very large rented home in Malibu now, according to various insiders, where Beyonce and Jay Z are very tired and very happy.

And while the birth of these twins had been all the Internet wanted to talk about for many weeks, Jay Z came out a couple days ago and changed the conversation a bit.

He released a new album in which he admitted to cheating on his wife and also slammed Kanye West, while telling the world his mom is a lesbian.

That's a lot to digest, right?

It's a lot to discuss and debate among your friends.

Which simply means these A-Listers have won once again.

For the foreseeable future, all other celebrities can just sit back and relax.

This is Beyonce and Jay Z's world. Everyone else is merely living in it.

As for where the names Sir and Rumi rank among all-time famous baby names? You tell us...

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