Vienna Girardi: Pregnant with Twins!

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Bachelor "Villain" Vienna Girardi isn't just pregnant, though that would be news enough.

She's expecting twins.

Vienna Girardi in 2014

Vienna Girardi wasn't just a contestant on Season 14 of The Bachelor -- she won Jake Pavelka's heart in the final episode.

And then the two of them split.

But you could argue that her real claim to fame was their interview about their breakup.

She accused him of being a habitual liar and of saying truly nasty things to her after about the first month of their post-Bachelor relationship.

Jake accused her of, basically, being nuts. And of cheating on him.

And of selling their story -- or her version of it --  to the tabloids while they were still basically together.

That last part, at least, is true.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Talk Love

Honestly, neither of them came across in a flattering light in that interview.

So it's really for the best that they didn't stick together.

Vienna hasn't been especially visible over the last few years, aside from a few relationships and a dramatic stint on a relationship rehab show.

We all know that there are some reality personalities who refuse to vanish from headlines for even a moment.

Vienna's, for the most part, given the world some space.

But she hasn't disappeared altogether, either.

Last October, she got engaged to race car driver Todd Allen.

Vienna Girardi's Having Twins

And now she's pregnant -- with twins, no less.

A lot of parents would be freaking out at this point, but Vienna seems to be all kinds of enthused.

"Twice the blessing, twice the fun," is written on the picture of her ultrasound.

That's a good attitude to have, because having twins also means more than twice the work, twice the chaos.

And let's not even get into the diaper business.

Of course, she'll only be adding to the legions of babies produced by the many, many contestants who've appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor-related properties over the years.

She's previously stated that she doesn't watch reality television anymore -- because she knows that it's not especially real.

But she certainly made an impression.

What remains to be seen is how much growth she's had since she was the whiny and emotional trainwreck we all knew and tolerated.

Sometimes the qualities that make for a good reality star are the exact opposites of what make someone a good mother.

But you know, even based solely on the fact that she hasn't been desperately throwing herself into the spotlight, we're feeling a little optimistic.

Plus, sometimes having kids can really change people.

Even in ways that no one expects.

V. Girardi

One day, these kids are going to be old enough to realize who their mom is and to look up her reality TV shenanigans.

That'll be interesting, to say the least.

In the meantime, well ... twins are a handful.

Even for celebrities.

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