The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 13 Recap: Dorinda Goes Ham

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There's something about the ladies this season on The Real Housewives of New York City that makes us want to tune out of the show for good.

As quickly as they patch friendships up, they turn on someone else in their clique, and it's becoming tiring.

When the episode got underway, Bethenny met up with the ladies for lunch in the Bronx. Ramona was not invited, of course. She and Bethenny have been on the outs for weeks. 

The big talking point was Sonja's short-lived business venture. The ladies balked at it, but Sonja was adamant that Ramona and Dorinda wanted to invest. 

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Dorinda denied any association with the failed brand, and Sonja decided to go through her phone to find a text from Dorinda's boyfriend that would apparently prove her word was true. 

Dorinda continues to get angry at her friend, and the other ladies seemed to find it funny because Dorinda was very drunk. Dorinda then made a weird hand gesture that probably meant she wanted to cut Sonja. 

At another lunch date, Luann was the one to get pissed with the ladies because she did not like Sonja's jokes. It all started with Sonja saying she and Luann slept with the same guy. 

It all descended into chaos, with Luann saying her friend is just not a funny person and should shut the eff up. 

Later, things got even more intense when Ramona was invited to Vermont and, well, Bethenny was pissed about it. 

Ramona Singer in Black

When they arrived, Ramona realized she had left her luggage at the airport and questioned whether she could send an uber to get the lost luggage. 

The ladies then bickered over Dorinda stealing a bigger bedroom as opposed to a smaller one because she wanted to be herself. 

During the trip, Tinsley was still feeling down in the dumps because of her life. She was having nightmares about her previous abusive relationship and found herself questioning whether she would find love again.

Bethenny questioned whether Tinsley would prefer to date a Jewish guy as opposed to her usual type and it got Tinsley thinking long and hard about it. 

During dinner, Tinsley broke into a fit of tears as she claimed she was old and did not even have any children. Being 41 is tough, you guys. 

Tinsley Mortimer Attends 2016 Whitney Party

It became a huge argument with Bethenny telling Tinsley to google her, and she would find out that not everyone had a perfect life. 

It was pathetic, but the ladies need to stop saying their drama is worse than the other. It's a desperate ploy for more time on the screen. 

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