Rihanna and Chris Brown: Will a Reconciliation Actually Happen?!?

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We can't believe we're still talking about this halfway through 2017.

But recent rumors and the release of a new documentary have force us to once again ask the following question:

Might Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together?!?

Rihanna with Shades

We know, we know:

Haven't both moved on by now? And... wait... didn't Brown bludgeon the face of Rihanna back in 2009?!?

How is this still a topic up for debate?

We wish we knew the answer.

But Brown has come out with a new movie about his life and he's focused a significant chunk of it on his romantic past with Rihanna.

The documentary recounts the early stages of their relationship, along with the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards during which they got into an argument over one of Brown's ex-lovers showing up at a party they had attended.

After Rihanna found a text message from this former flame on Brown's car, the angry interaction culminated in Brown punching Rihanna in the face multiple times.

She ended up in the hospital and he ended up getting arrested.

Loving FUBU

This incident is well-known to all celebrity gossip followers, but Brown bringing it up in detail via his documentary has shined a new light on his present relationship with Rihanna.

Yes, they still talk.

And, yes, according to various sources, Brown would love to rekindle their romance.

"Chris has never stopped loving Rihanna,” an insider told Hollywood Life just a few days ago. “He would reunite with her in a heartbeat.”

Thankfully, this same insider says Rihanna is keeping Brown "at arms' length," but acknowledges she won't turn her back on her violent ex altogether.

Now, in a follow-up report, Hollywood Life quotes a new source who says the following about any kind of reunion between the singer:

Rihanna barely speaks to Chris these days. She’s aware that she really needs to move on from that chapter in her life and she’s finally getting there.

"Chris still sends her text messages, but she’s doing her best to just ignore them.”

Rihanna MET Gala Dress

How hard can it be to ignore messages from a man who brutally beat you?

Sadly, many victims of domestic violence around the world can likely relate to the difficulties Rihanna has gone through when it comes to moving on.

And speaking of moving on... let's clear up another rumor surrounding Rihanna's love life these days:

She is NOT dating Miles Chamley-Watson.

The artist and the Olympic fencer were spotted out at the MET Gala in New York City early last month, talking and "looking like a new couple," according to The New York Post.

“She was canoodling and getting chummy [with him]," a witness told the newspaper a few weeks ago, adding:

"They sat together at the ball and partied at 1OAK until the place closed at 7 a.m.”

Rihanna in Cannes

This interaction may or may not have transpired at the aforementioned event.

But "Rihanna isn’t dating anyone,” the source tells Hollywood Life, concluding:

“She’s enjoying being young, free, and single, and doesn’t feel the need to have a man in her life permanently right now."

Good. Let's hope that attitude never changes when it comes to Chris Brown.

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