Kim Kardashian: Having Third Baby, With or Without Kanye West?!

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As we've seen on the past couple of seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian wants to have a third child.

She wants it very, very badly.

Kim Kardashian at the Upfronts

She seems to be going back and forth between finding a surrogate and trying to get pregnant again herself because, as she's said, "I want my kids to have siblings."

The issue, however, is that she had several complications with both of her previous pregnancies, and her doctors have told her that a third pregnancy wouldn't be entirely safe.

When she was pregnant with North, she developed a condition called placenta accreta, which is where the placenta attaches itself to the uterine wall.

It's not a great condition to have.

It causes a higher risk of excessive bleeding during delivery, which can be life-threatening, and for Kim, it means her uterus was damaged.

Kim Kardashian Goes Simple

After having North, doctors did a few surgeries to fix everything up, and a hole was created in her uterus, which made it extremely hard for her to get pregnant again.

She managed it in 2015, when she conceived precious little Saint, but her doctors have warned her that she's likely to have the condition again.

And if she does, there's a chance she could require an emergency hysterectomy in addition to the higher risk of blood loss.

Still, Kim wants to be pregnant again, and it seems like it's because she's hesitant to trust a surrogate with carrying her child.

But according to a new report from Life & Style, she may not have a choice.

Kim Kardashian Smooches Kanye

After all, it's a little hard to get pregnant when you face all these complications, and when your husband doesn't want another kid.

Yep, as surprising as it may be, sources say that Kanye West doesn't think it's a great idea to have another baby with Kim.

Could it be because he's just a few months out from his total mental breakdown? Or that he and Kim have been rumored to be on the brink of divorce for a while now?

Or possibly that he thinks two kids is ideal, and a risky pregnancy or a surrogacy just isn't worth it?

The source doesn't go into the specifics on why Kanye isn't ready to be a father of three, but the point is that he's not, and that's totally fair.

Kimye on Easter

What isn't so fair is that Kim may be considering methods of having a third baby without Kanye's consent.

"She wants to choose someone outside of the state of California, where there are all kinds of surrogacy laws," the source explains.

"She's ready to go."

.... So Kim is trying to find a state with lax laws surrounding surrogacy -- perhaps one in which someone can find a surrogate and go through the process without express consent from a spouse?

What could possibly go wrong?

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