Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: We Don't Want to Return to Our Lives!

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We don't always think of celebrities as the sorts of people who need vacations.

A lot of them have just as many cameras following them on vacation as they do at home. And, you know, most of them don't have anything close to what we'd consider normal jobs.

But apparently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West needed their Bahamas vacation so much that they could barely tear themselves away.

Kimye Gets Cozy

There's more to it than just backing off from the world after Kim's insensitive Manchester tribute.

"Kim and Kanye didn’t want to come home from their amazing family vacation in Bahamas," an insider confided to HollywoodLife, explaining why the power couple was reluctant to return from the Bahamas and get back to their version of real life.

"It was incredibly therapeutic for them and much needed. Kanye is still battling anxiety and stress so Kim knows he needs trips like this for him to disconnect."

Also, Kim was robbed. That kind of trauma doesn't just go away overnight.

Apparently Kim is going to make sure that they get as many escapes like this one as they can.

"She’s making sure they go on at least two ‘breaks’ a year just the four of them."

The other two, of course, being North and Saint.

Kimye on Easter

Not everybody processes stress and other aggravators in the same way.

Medication alone isn't enough to deal with a lot of the crap that life throws at people.

Yoga alone definitely isn't enough for anything except, like, improving your flexibility. Maybe.

They're dealing with personal issues, celebrity issues, and continuing rumors of problems in their marriage.

It's a lot.for anyone, even super-rich celebrities.

While the scorching hot temperatures of the Bahamas sound like a nightmare for plenty of folks, others find the tropics an ideal vacation destination.

And Kim and Kanye already live in Southern California, so they're used to the heat.

Though we are reminded of those conspiracy theories about most celebrities being lizard people.

It would explain so much.

Kimye Bathroom Selfie

Kim's trauma was well-publicized, but people need to understand that mental health doesn't always have a clear, tangible cause that you can point out on a timeline.

Kanye's erratic and nonsensical behavior has been a part of his brand for many years, but some of his statements and stunts have had people worried.

This vacation isn't the first time this year that Kanye's needed to take a break.

And, of course, he was hospitalized last year ... a brave move, considering the stigma, and clearly a necessary one.

Kimye on Valentine's Day 2017

Not everyone vacations in the same way.

The Kardashians "vacation" as an extended clan, accompanied by lovers and by cameras.

Some of the most memorable moments on Keeping Up With The Kardashians have been while they've been on vacation.

Remember "Kim, there's people that are dying?"

The thing is ... that's not a real vacation. When you're on camera for hours and hours all day, that's not a vacation. It's literally work, as in it is their job. All that changes is the scenery.

Hell, even normal people don't always get a chance to take a break when they go on vacation. Anyone else ever go on a "vacation" in one of those families that schedules activities all day, every day?

Yeah, that's hell.

It sounds like Kim is pretty adamant that these small family vacations be true breaks.

Kimye on a Date

We totally get why they were reluctant to return to reality -- or close enough.

Sometimes, even if they have all of the money in the world, Kimye might have trouble going home without feeling like they're going back to every single problem in their lives.

That can be rough.

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