Khloe Kardashian: I Lied to Lamar Odom About My Infertility!

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Something strange has happened ... something that's happened so few times in the history of the world that we have no clue how to handle it.

Something went down on Keeping Up with the Kardashians has really, truly surprised us.

Khloe Kardashian Modeling Makeup

After all, the show is called Keeping Up with the Kardashians for a reason -- it's not Finding Out About the Kardashians.

Everything that's happened on the show is pretty much a recap of things we already know have happened in real life, so it's hard to come across any new information.

Or at least any new information that's actually interesting.

But that's all changing now.

Yesterday, we saw a sneak peek of Khloe Kardashian visiting her doctor to talk about her fertility.

She learned that she has fewer follicles on her ovaries than the average 32-year-old woman, meaning that when she does try to get pregnant, she could have a hard time.

Khloe Kardashian: Ravishing in Red

Khloe seemed shocked, but we honestly didn't understand why.

After all, as we'd seen on earlier seasons of the show and in several episodes of that old gem, Khloe and Lamar, she tried for a long time to conceive with Lamar Odom.

It never happened for them, and since Lamar had fathered children before, we assumed that something must be going on with Khloe.

But, according to information Khloe reveals in another sneak peek from the E! reality staple, that's not exactly the case.

In the clip, which shows another part of her doctor's appointment, she says that she's never been pregnant before, but she has tried.

Sort of.

Khloe Kardashian with a Big Smile

She clarifies, "I fake-tried."

Hmm? Come again?

"I was married," Khloe explains, "but I knew the circumstances weren't the healthiest, so I just kept pretending I was trying."

In a confessional, the reality star says that "when I was doing my fertility treatments, like, they were more so for Lamar."

"I had to stop because there was much deeper stuff that was happening in our marriage."

"I knew, you knew, that it wasn't the right kind of situation to bring a child into, and I think I've done a lot of covering up for him."

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom: Kanye West Yeezy Season 3

"Like, even when it made me look like I was the problem," she adds.

"But I was fine taking on that burden on my shoulders because he had a lot of other, deeper sh-t to deal with."

It makes sense -- on all those delightful reality shows, Khloe and Lamar seemed to have a perfect, adorable marriage, but that obviously wasn't the case.

We know that he cheated on her, and that he struggled with addiction even while they were together, but we still don't know the extent of their problems.

But now we can conclude this:

If she felt the need to lie about trying for a baby, it's safe to say that things were worse than we ever could have imagined.

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