Khloe Kardashian: Destiney Bleu is a Liar!

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Khloe Kardashian is not a pushover. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is ready to go after the woman who is accusing her of stealing her designs. 

In case you've been living under a rock, we at The Hollywood Gossip will give you a refresher on the matter at hand. A fashion designer named Destiney Bleu has been public about her claims that Khloe copied her designs

Khloe Kardashian: You Want Me?

"When someone buys 1 of everything on your site, has you make them custom @dbleudazzled work, never posts it or wears it, then copies it," the independent fashion designer tweeted earlier this month. 

If you're wondering who the heck Bleu is, Beyonce and Serena Williams have worn her clothing in the past, so she's no slouch when it comes to A-list celebrities. Not that we're saying Khloe is an A-lister, of course. 

Bleu's lawyer then sent a 27-page letter, claiming that she was in contact with Khloe's then-stylist, Monica Rose, and assistant, Alexa Okyle. There were text messages and emails included in the letter to prove Destiney's cause. 

Destiney Bleu on Instagram

Now, Khloe's team is not denying there was any contact. They are firmly trying to establish why Destiney is saying Khloe ripped off designs when Khloe feels like she's being defamed. Marty Singer has joined forces with Khloe and has sent a letter calling the fashion designer out. 

“In order for your client Destiney Bleu to get her 15 minutes of fame, you and your client outrageously defamed Good American and Mr. Kardashian by falsely stating that my clients stole or copied your client’s bodysuit designs,” Singer writes in the letter obtained by PEOPLE.

“Your client has also brazenly misappropriated Ms. Kardashian’s name and photograph — including photographs she has taken from Mr. Kardashian’s Instagram account without authorization which your client freely admits as generated ‘a ton of sales.'”

Khloe Kardashian with a Big Smile

Singer even goes on to claim that garment sent to Khloe's team was a catsuit that looked completely different, and claimed Bleu was trying to deceive the public by using an image that did not resemble the one she sent. 

“Although, the stylist Monica Rose requested catsuits from your client for Ms. Kardashian on December 2016, the catsuits that were provided to Mrs. Rose for Ms. Kardashian are completely different from the catsuit deputized in you client’s June 2, 2017 Tweet which she falsely claims was copied by Good American,” the letter from Singer states.

“The catsuits requested are full-bodied, long-sleeved and lined with crystals distributed evenly all over the garments.”

Singer concludes that Bleu’s “brazen commercial exploitation of Ms. Kardashian’s name and photograph on her social media accounts in order to create publicity and generate sales of her merchandise expose her to substantial liability for misappropriation of Ms. Kardashian’s valuable rights of publicity."

Khloe Kardashian Goes Glam

"Accordingly, we demand your client immediately delete the false and defamatory statements about my clients from her social media posts and that she issue a retraction and a sincere apology to my clients."

"Should she refuse to do so, my clients intent to take all necessary and appropriate actions to enforce their frights. If this matter is not resolved to my clients’ satisfaction, then your clients proceed at their peril.”

Obviously, we have no clue which party is in the right, but Singer also revealed that he has no qualms about taking the star to court because of the whole defaming a Kardashian. Only internet trolls are allowed to do that, apparently. 

Khloe Kardashian: Ravishing in Red

“We may absolutely take them to court because she absolutely defamed Khloé. She actually said she stole it from me. She ripped us off. And Khloé had no idea.”

Buckle up, you guys. This one's going to get interesting. 

The Kardashians sure are being accused of everything these days. Maybe Kris Jenner hired Bleu so there would be a decent storyline on the series. 

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