Kim Kardashian Surrogacy? Kanye Has Some Questions

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It appears to really be happening, people.

Following rumors, innuendo and what we presumed to be a ratings-based storyline on her family's reality show, Kim Kardashian has hired a woman to be her surrogate.

Kimye at Home

That is, the 36-year old mother of two is very serious about becoming a mother of three, although she will not be bringing a child into the world in her own womb this time around.

Kardashian and Kanye West have decided instead to implant an embryo into a third party.

For what reason?

Because Kim has been diagnosed with a condition called "placenta accreta," which made her first two pregnancies very painful and difficult and which would make a third even more so.

Doctors have advised the star against it.

But Kardashian has been adamant in the past that she wants a large family, stating over a year ago that Kanye felt the same.

On an episode of Kocktails with Khloe (LOL, remember that show?), Kim said Kanye had been "mentioning the prospect" of a third child for days on end.

And yet... a new report claims West isn't a huge fan of this surrogacy idea.

Kim Kardashian Aims to Seduce

Kim is "super hopeful" that it will work out, but an insider tells Hollywood Life that her husband is "nervous and apprehensive about the entire process."

The rapper is one of the more secretive celebrities out there, we suppose.

He may rant and rave about the world at large while on stage, but isn't exactly a major user of social media or someone who likes to let the world into his private life.

“It is a real challenge for Kanye to trust anyone, so the situation is causing major tension between Kim and Kanye," Hollywood Life writes, adding:

"But he’s being supportive despite his major fears about using a surrogate for their next baby."

It doesn't help that Kanye suffered a mental breakdown last fall.

He's scarcely been heard from since and there have been persistent rumors that Kim was going to leave her husband because they had grown so far apart.

That clearly isn't the case anymore, however.

Kimye on Easter

West "loves Kim and will do anything to make his wife happy," this same insider explains. "She so badly wants to have lots of children like the big family she grew up with."

Kardashian, of course, has two sisters and a brother.

She also has two half-siblings as a result of Kris Jenner procreating with Caitlyn Jenner over the years.

"Kanye is trying to keep an open mind about their goals are and how they plan to grow their family together," this source concludes, adding:

"Despite being tense over the surrogacy plan and very stressed about trusting someone, Kanye can’t say no to Kim, so he has reluctantly agreed to move forward with the process.

TMZ reported this week that the celebrities have hired an unnamed surrogate and will be paying her over $113,000 to carry their child.

As far as we know, however, the actual process of implanting Kim's egg and Kanye's sperm into the surrogate has not taken place yet.

Therefore, there's no actual plans for the couple to welcome a third child into the world at the moment.

But this is a major step and a pretty shocking one at that.

We say such a thing with no judgment whatsoever. Kim and Kanye actually seem like great parents and should absolutely do whatever it takes to expand their family if they so desire.

We're just surprised.

More power and all the luck to everyone involved, however!

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