Kailyn Lowry: Will Her Baby Appear on Teen Mom 2?

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After months of Kailyn Lowry pregnancy drama, the Teen Mom 2 star is set to give birth any day now.

Of course, it'll be a while before she films any new episodes of the show as a mother of three.

And while her two sons have become fan favorites over the years, it now looks as though her youngest may not appear on camera at all.

Kailyn Lowry with Sons

As we learned last month, Kailyn got pregnant by Chris Lopez, a fellow student at Delaware State University with whom she had a brief fling.

Kailyn and Chris are no longer together, and it seems he has zero interest in becoming a reality TV star.

Sources close to production say Chris refuses to sign any legal releases to appear on TM2 even briefly, which means his full name will never be used, and his face will be blurred out any time he winds up in a shot. 

As for his son or daughter (It's widely believed that Kailyn is having a girl, but she hasn't commented on the baby's gender yet.), it remains unclear if Chris will stand in the way of the child appearing on the show.

If either parent objects to a child appearing on television, producers will generally play it safe and keep the kid off camera.

Kailyn Lowry "Bump Day" Photo

Currently, it looks as though Lopez is refusing to grant Teen Mom 2 execs the permission they would need.

A Twitter follower recently asked Kailyn if her youngest would star in the show alongside her eldest two.

Kailyn replied, "We're not sure yet."

We know that Kailyn doesn't have a problem with her kids being on camera, so the fact that she's uncertain if her third child will ever be on screen seems like a good indication that it's Chris who's creating the uncertainty.

It's now looking more and more as though Chris' reluctance to play any part in the series will create a lot of challenges for producers.

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2

Some are even speculating that it may result in Kailyn's role on the show being reduced, as filming scenes at her home will result in numerous legal and logistical hurdles.

Maybe producers had better reasons for adding Briana DeJesus to the cast than we realized.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to get caught up in time for what could be Kail's final season.

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