Kailyn Lowry Takes Sad, Solo "Babymoon" Vacation

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From the moment the rumors first began to circulate online, Kailyn Lowry's third pregnancy has been fraught with speculation, drama, and intense online scrutiny.

Now, just weeks away from becoming a mom for the third time, Kailyn has clearly made the decision to devote some time to herself with a relaxing vacation in one of her favorite destinations - Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, there's a tinge of sadness to the trip, as Kail is reportedly traveling solo.

Lowry, K

Lowry is no longer dating Chris Lopez, the father of the child, having parted ways with her fellow Delaware State University student after a fling that lasted only a few weeks.

Currently, her two sons are both visiting their fathers, which means that when it came time to get in one last vacation before welcoming another bundle of Joy, Lowry made the decision to go it alone.

“She wanted to go back to Puerto Rico before the baby comes,” a source close to Lowry told Radar.

“The boys were with their dads so she went for a few days.”

No word on how she got down there (Many fans have wondered if Kailyn is flying during her third trimester.), but it seems the 26-year-old is enjoying her "me time."

Kailyn Lowry: A Picture

“Baby Lo and I just went for our first ocean swim of the summer," Kail tweeted.

"I should’ve bought my GoPro so I could be entertained while I’m in the water by myself.”

There's a note of melancholy in some of Lowry's social media posts that creates the impression she would prefer to have a traveling companion.

A recent Snapchat photo featured a plate of pasta with a caption reading, "Dinner for one.”

Kailyn's conflicting emotions may have to do with the fact that she's coping with a breakup and preparing for the pressures of becoming a single mother of three at the same time.

“She wants to give him the opportunity to see his child being born,” says one insider on the subject of Lowry's breakup with Lopez.

“She never said Chris couldn’t be involved with his child. She would hope he would want that, but she won’t force it or chase him to do so.”

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