Kailyn Lowry Flaunts Baby Bump in Bikini Pic, Continues to Attract Controversy

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The big day is almost here, Teen Mom 2 fans.

After months of controversy, drama, and wild speculation about the identity of her baby daddy, Kailyn Lowry is soon to give birth to her third child.

Currently, Kailyn is enjoying a "babymoon" vacation with her sons in St. Thomas, and because everything the reality star does attracts controversy, fans are currently in an uproar.

Kailyn Lowry and Kids On Instagram

That's Kail on the beach with her boys.

From that angle, you can barely tell she's pregnant, which is surprising, what with bikinis being fairly revealing, and whatnot.

Lowry captioned the photo:

“Coki beach & the people were so good to us! needless to say, the kids are so happy & tired out."

Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, unfortunately, many fans took the opportunity to drag Kailyn for an existing controversy surrounding her trip.

Kailyn Lowry in St. Thomas

Many believe that Lowry is putting her unborn child at risk by traveling to St. Thomas.

For starters, remember that whole Zika virus business from the summer of 2016?

Yeah, it's not making headlines anymore, but it's still very much putting people at risk in many parts of the world.

St. Thomas happens to be one such place, and the CDC has cautioned pregnant women against traveling there.

Looks like Kailyn has decided to disregard that warning, which is strange, as she's already described her pregnancy as "at risk."

Given the circumstances and Lowry's usual conscientiousness as a mother, you'd think she would avoid taking chances whenever possible.

Kailyn Lowry Vacation Pic

To make matters worse, Kailyn is being criticized for the timing of her trip.

As you're probably aware, doctors generally advise against pregnant women traveling in their third trimester.

While we don't know Lowry's exact due date, comments she's made on social media have led fans to the conclusion that it's sometime in the next month.

Kailyn has made vague remarks about shrugging off the haters, but hasn't responded to concerned comments from fans in any concrete way.

Obviously, we hope everything turns out alright, and we're sure Kailyn is taking what precautions she can while traveling.

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