George Clooney Twins: What Do They Look Like?!?

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George Clooney is a first-time father.

Perhaps you've heard.

Most of the free world was buzzing yesterday when it was confirmed that Amal Clooney had given birth to twins, one boy and one girl, several months after she and her famous husband announced they were expecting.

George Clooney is Sexy

The boy is named Alexander and the girl is named Ella and the kids were born in the United Kingdom.

It's believed they will be raised with London as their primary city of residence.

That was just all we really knew about the newborns yesterday afternoon.

But now Clooney's father (ex-Buffalo news anchor Nick Clooney) has told Cincinnati WXIX anchor Tricia Macke that he met his grandkids over Skype.

And he has some fun scoop to share as a result.

"They are gorgeous. [Wife] Nina swears they have George's nose," he says, adding for clarification:

"Not both of them - one of them. The little boy looked like he had [George's] nose, his little profile."

As any warm-blooded female can attest to, Alexander would be fortunate to have anything at all of his father's.

George Clooney and Amal

"I love their names, Alexander and Ella," Nick added. "Both sound terrific."

And both sound totally normal, which is atypical when it comes to celebrities and the names of their children (see Martin, Apple and West, North).

The veteran journalist also revealed that the children have "dark hair" reiterated once again toward the end of his interview that they "are gorgeous."

This isn't exactly shocking, of course. You have seen their parents, right?

From expressions of humor to well wishes to exceptions to sexism, Twitter also had a lot to say about the big baby news on Tuesday.

clooney reaction

As for the parents themselves? How are they holding up at the moment?

“Both George and Amal are doing wonderfully well,” Nick said, zeroing in on his son and adding:

“George, well, his eyes were glazed so I’m not sure that he was sober."

Come on now. The guy just became a father... of twins, no less! He likely hadn't slept in, like 48 hours and was very tired and...

... nope, sorry. We forgot who we were talking about here. Clooney was very likely (and deservedly) drunk.

The Clooneys are yet to share any photos of their babies with the world and we wouldn't hold our breath for any in the near future.

George! Amal!

Amal's father, Ramzi Alamuddin, was in Beirut Tuesday when he gave French news agency AFP an update of his own.

"Everything is perfect. I am very happy for them. They will be great parents," he said.

And, finally, later that afternoon, Amal's mother, Baria Alamuddin - who was present for the twins' births - told the AFP the family is "over the moon" now that Alexander and Ella are finally here.

"It was a beautiful delivery," she told the agency. "Everything went well. The babies are beautiful and doing well."

We're so very happy to hear it.

We send our very best wishes to George, Amal and their entire family.

Bottoms up, Clooneys! Have another drink on us!

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