Brendan Dassey: Making a Murderer Subject to Be Freed From Prison

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Back in 2015, the true crime documentary series Making a Murderer became an overnight sensation on Netflix.

Viewers were split with regard to the guilt or innocence of the show's main subject, Steven Avery, but there was consensus that Avery's nephew, Brendan Dassey, was mistreated by police and most likely wrongly convicted of being an accomplice in the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach.

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Dassey, just 16 at the time of his arrest, was sentenced to life in prison for his alleged crimes, despite video that showed police coercing a confession from the learning disabled boy.

Despite the best efforts of his family and a number of advocacy groups, Dassey has been behind bars since 2007.

Last year, it was widely reported that Dassey would be released after his conviction was overturned on appeal.

Those reports proved to be premature, however, as the state of Wisconsin chose to contest the appellate court's ruling.

That case finally went to trial this week, and a three-judge federal panel voted 2-1 that police had unlawfully coerced Dassey's confession, and the 27-year-old should be released from prison.

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Unfortunately for Dassey and his family, it's still too soon to celebrate.

Dassey will be forced to remain in prison for at least another 90 days, while the state decides whether it wants to contest the appeals court's ruling a second time.

However, legal experts say it seems improbable that the Wisconsin DA will choose to fight yet another decision in Dassey's favor.

The popularity of Making a Murderer has drawn national attention to the police misconduct and seemingly biased courts that resulted in Dassey and Avery's convictions, and the public uproar is unlikely to let up any time soon.

Many involved in the case have accused the series' producers of favoring Dassey and Avery's side of the story, but many of the incriminating facts presented by the filmmakers remain incontrovertible.

A second season of the surprise hit series was recently announced by Netflix.

This time around, the show will focus on developments in Avery and Dassey's cases in the months since the first season aired.

We'll have further updates on Dassey's possible release as more information becomes available.

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