Big Brother Recap: Temptation and Twists Galore!

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We think it's fair to say that Big Brother is an addictive reality TV staple that we look forward to.

Thankfully, Season 19 looks to be a return to form for the series. In short, we have the new twists and newbies to thank for that.

Matthew Clines

It wouldn't be a season premiere of Big Brother without some sort of new alliance to start the drama off. Unfortunately, new alliances do not have a long shelf life this early.

Alex, Megan, Ramses and Jillian could forge a rock-solid alliance, but that's if they manage to stand the test of time.

The first big twist of the night found the houseguests competing for $25,000 but it was revealed there would be consequences on the house.

Kevin Schlehuber

Kevin did not even think before taking it and beat out the others. Upon winning, we got the reveal that Kevin would not be eligible to compete in the first Head of Household competition.


Then, the first big consequence of the summer occurred and it was a doozy. Paul Abrahamian returned to the game as a houseguest. Maybe the houseguests will think twice before accepting any other offers.

Paul was the runner-up on Big Brother 18, so something tells us the others will want to get him out of the house quickly.

Alex OW

Veterans have a knack for making it further than they should in the game.

Since Paul was a new houseguest, it meant that one of the others would be evicted. Paul was given friendship bracelets and had eight to hand out to keep certain people safe.

After some back and forth, Paul gifted Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses and Elena with safety.

When that was all said and done, the others competed in an endurance challenge.

Cody emerged with the win. Jillian, Cameron and Christmas wound up on the block.

Cody Nickson

The houseguests on the block were offered the opportunity to compete in a challenge to decide who stays, or revert to the old formula and have their fellow houseguests decide their fate.

They chose the latter and Cameron was first to be sent packing. It was definitely a shocker.

There are more ways than ever to rise to power, but there are just as many ways to find yourself on the outs with the house.

Competitions and strategizing have long been the show's strong point and it looks like both are going to be more integral than ever this time around.

Cameron Heard

It's unclear whether other veterans could make their way into the game, and I'm hoping it is not on a weekly basis.

Over to you, Big Brother fans. What did you think of the season opener? Will you stick around for the summer?

Sound off below.

Big Brother continues tonight on CBS.

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