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Get ready, loyal denizens of the Beyhive.

As you’re no doubt well aware, it’s been four days since Beyonce welcomed twins, and there’s still no word on their names.

No official word from Beyonce herself, that is. But now, we finally know how your queen’s newest descendants have been christened.

Beyonce in 2016

Well, maybe.

We’re still relying on not-independently-confirmed rumors at this point, but hey – at least they’re rumors that make a whole lot of sense.

A source at the hospital where the Bey-bies entered the world tells The Hollywood Gossip that the newest Carters have been named …

Sean and Bea (pronounced "Bee").

A little anti-climactic, and certainly not as original as Blue Ivy, but if you’re Beyonce and Jay-Z, and you’re seeking inspiration, it’s silly to look anywhere other than the mirror.

Sean, of course, comes from Sean Carter, the birth name of J-Hova.

And Bea, well … we think you can figure that one out for yourself.

Beyonce on Grammys Stage

Our source tells us Bea was selected for its Latin meaning – "bringer of joy" – and if there’s a more apt description for Beyonce, we haven’t heard it.

Now, it’s possible that the Carters are just staying several steps ahead of the game (as usual) by releasing the names as decoys.

Such a savvy move certainly wouldn’t surprise us at this point, and if you think about it, B&S would make for some clever … BS names.

In any case, we suggest everyone start bombarding the duo with personalized gifts for Bea and Sean until they either confirm or deny the rumors.

We call it generous harassment.

(And we’re joking. Please don’t actually do that. Given the fervor of certain members of the ‘Hive, we have to add that disclaimer.)

The Jay and the Bey

In all seriousness, even if Sean and Bea turn out to be named something else, whatever their names turn out to be, we’re sure they’ll be perfect.

As for how they arrived at the monikers, sources close to the Carters say that their first-born daughter Blue Ivy helped name the twins.

That’s a lot of responsibility for Blue.

We’re kind of holding out hope that she stuck with the color and climbing plant theme. Green Honeysuckle and Red Bougainvillea, anyone?

But seriously folks … B.I.C. is considerably cooler than we are, so we’re sure she picked something fierce with no need for input.

Speaking of cool, the newborn twins haven’t even left the hospital yet and they’ve already set a new standard in just a few days on the planet.

Beyonce’s twins are Geminis, and it’s good to know that that sort of effortless flawlessness has been passed down.

It’s hard to improve on Sean and Bea as names, but stepping her game up when we didn’t think it was possible?

Pretty much what Bey does best.

She sets a high bar, but don’t you dare assume for two seconds that she can’t clear it, because she always does. Always.

And if you still have doubts, at least keep them to yourself, lest the Beygency put you on a watch list. They are watching.