Amber Portwood: Abusing Matt Baier on Teen Mom OG?!

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For the past few weeks, have you been approaching all the new Amber Portwood news with a "well, at least it can't get any worse" attitude?

Yeah, just go ahead and cut that out now.

Amber Portwood Takes a Selfie

Because, as we're learning, it can always get worse when it comes to this girl and her messy, messy life.

And as long as she insists on keeping Matt BaierĀ around, it seems like a sure bet that things will get worse.

Take, for instance, this little sneak peek for the upcoming season finale of Teen Mom OG.

The episode airs on Monday, and we we can see from this clip, it will feature Matt's now-infamous lie detector test -- the one that inspired Amber to kick him out of her house.

And boy, does it look like a doozy.

In this clip, we see Matt doing the test, and we see him being asked about cheating on Amber.

We don't see his answer, but we do see Amber's reaction: she gets very panicked and upset, and keeps repeating that she's "about to freak out."

It's not much in terms of content, but it's very interesting.

Because this clip goes along nicely with the sneak peek we saw after the last episode of Teen Mom -- the one where Amber has to be held back by crew members.

In that footage, she tries to lunge at Matt while screaming "You f-cking bitch," which is not a great look to be sure.

But she and Matt are wearing the same clothes in both scenes, which leads us to believe that the lie detector test happened, Amber heard something she didn't like, and she tried to take it out on Matt.


Matt Baier with Amber Portwood

It wouldn't be the first time she was filmed throwing down (or attempting to throw down) on the show. We all remember what happened with Gary.

And in April, there were some pretty widespread rumors that she'd been abusing Matt. They both denied those claims.

And don't forget, Amber has admitted that she's been "on both sides" of domestic violence: she's abused, and she's been abused.

But, as she claims, real women don't talk about those sorts of things.

As she proves in a new interview, real women also go to any lengths to convince the world that they're making good choices in staying with their gross, douchey boyfriends.

Amber, as we know, is still on the fence about being with Matt. She says they're not engaged, but she's willing to stay with him if he works on himself.

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic

And even though we've just seen her losing her mind over that lie detector test, now she's trying to spin it to make Matt look better.

"I was happy with some of the results," she says. "It clarified some things. I think people will actually be shocked by some of the results."

"Some of them actually pleasantly surprised me and made me feel amazing and I think it will make a lot of people look really stupid that always been talking sh-t."

... Yes, we're sure that's what will happen.

Amber admits that "It still doesn't change the other problems we had in our relationship and things that happened in the past like lying."

Portwood, Baier

"So there's a lot that needs to be worked on there for us to even think about being together."

Yes, she acknowledges that he's a liar -- she's even called him a pathological liar -- but she still believes some nice things he said in a lie detector test?

Amber also says that she doesn't believe Matt's ever cheated on her, but she thinks he's "made gestures" towards cheating, whatever that means.

"He hasn't been the best," she says. "He's just met a person that doesn't deal with his sh-t. But he's also met a person that he really is in love with and doesn't want to let go."

But Amber, all you do is "deal with his sh-t."

She's made excuses for his lies about the number of kids he has, she's defended his deadbeat dad ways.

She even made excuses for his deplorable behavior in recent episodes of Teen Mom -- handing her cast members pills and calling her "psycho" behind her back?

Get. It. Together. Amber.

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