Aaron Carter Attacks Body Shamers, Ends Up in Hospital

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The worst week of Aaron Carter's life has concluded with him in the hospital.

On Thursday night, the singer went off on a Tweet storm in response to the influx of body-shaming he's unfortunately experienced of late.

Aaron Carter in Hospital

The artist jumped on his social media account following a concert in Syracuse that evening, during which he overheard fans making fun of his gaunt figure.

(Carter opened up last month about his diagnosis of a hiatal hernia at the age of 19, saying the medical condition makes it difficult for him to eat.)

"I'm entirely hurt by a so-called fan that I just encountered," Carter wrote on Twitter, explaining in further detail:

"She wasn't realizing I was listening, she said I look like I have cancer. This is body shaming. You guys are bullying me. I've already addressed my medical issues."

The singer added the hashtag "#bodyshaming" to his message.

Not long after sending this Tweet, Carter provided followers with an update of his condition - and his whereabouts.

“Lots of shows lately, had to head up to ER just to get a little check up these shows are crazy lately gotta make sure I stay strong,” wrote Carter as a caption to the photo above.

He added another image of himself in a wheelchair and added:

"I’ll recover.”

Aaron Carter Chills

Just a few weeks ago, Carter's dad passed away.

This tragic event took place five years after his sister, Leslie Carter, died of a drug overdose at age 25.

The star referenced these sad developments in a follow-up Tweet, writing:

"I've literally had the hardest week of my life, my dad past [sic] away my late sisters birthday anniversary was June 6th & people #BodyShame me...

"I promise I'll work on getting bigger physically I have medical issues I don't want to discuss at this time. #GodBless."

AC tweets

Carter’s diatribe continued throughout Thursday night and into most of Friday, as he re-Tweeted thoughts from supporters and shot back at others who questioned his weight.

"I’m sorry I’m not fat enough. For my fake fans,” he said.

“I’m sorry I’m not good enough or heavy enough to be attractive… I’m bullied and body shamed by the world… They literally won’t stop bullying me…

"They won’t leave me alone. I’m getting hate messages and death threats."

Continued the angry and upset singer:

"Been in the hospital three times this month, dealing with health issues and broken fingers as well as things I can’t legally discuss.

"Do I have to do a spinal tap to prove to people? They’re trolling me and causing me so much insecurities."

At times, Carter did appear hopeful.

He tried to remain upbeat.

"I’m not ashamed of my body,” he wrote on Instagram. “Maybe I’m too skinny, maybe I’m too short but the one thing I know is I love my fans my family my girlfriend and my friends. I’m #NotPerfect you never know what someone is going through.

"We are not immortal. #embracelove...

"All I can do is my best in my life with the conditions I have I need to stay strong, I’m so grateful for my fans, YOU mean the world to me.

"Progress is better than perfection. It’s OK to be on a self-love journey, so don’t beat yourself up if u have yet to reach your destination."

Finally, on Friday, Carter shared the following picture:

Aaron Carter at Dinner

“My appetite is coming back,” he wrote. “#StayingPositive."

We're glad to hear it!

Hang in there, Aaron. Ignore the haters, man.

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