Rob Kardashian to Blac Chyna: Maybe You Aren't the Devil!

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The state of affairs between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna remains a mystery.

Are they back together? Is she trying to worm her way back into Tyga's bed?

Are Rob and Chyna on good terms? Terrible terms? Terms that fall somewhere in between these options?

We can't say for certain. But we can post the following video!

This sweet piece of footage - which chronicles Chyna's pregnancy and eventual birth-giving to daughter Dream - was shared on Instagram yesterday by Rob in honor of Mother's Day.

It's nice to see he can put aside any differences he may be having with Chyna at the moment to recognize the important role she plays in his life, isn't it?

It's a role she'll play in his life forever, too; that of co-parent to a very special daughter.

"Happy mama's day to the mother of my only child @blacchyna," wrote Kardashian as a caption to the video, adding:

"I am so Thankful for our beautiful baby girl and so Thankful for YOU and never thought I could be this Happy so thank you for giving me Her."

The on-again/off-again/on-again/off-again stars appeared to spend the holiday apart, however.

Rob visited his sisters earlier in the day on Sunday, where they all cuddled with little Dream on Snapchat, posting several sweet clips.

Here's the latest cute collage of the child, for instance:

Dream Kardashian Pics

Prior to sending his best wishes to Chyna, Rob also said some nice things to another woman with whom he's had an up and down relationship: Kris Jenner.

There was a period of time during which Rob wasn't speaking to his mom or any of his siblings, but he also put aside these differences in honor of Mother's Day.

"Happy Mama's Day to all the Beautiful Mothers out there ! I Love You mama @krisjenner," wrote Rob along with the image below:

Rob Kardashian and His Mother

It's pretty obvious that Rob is now on solid terms with his immediate family again.

But no one can speak with any authority when it comes to him and Blac Chyna.

Just a couple days before his Mother's Day shout-out, Rob shared a throwback photo of himself and his ex while wishing Chyna a happy birthday.

We can confirm, however, that he did not actually celebrate with his former lover.

It's all a little confusing, but it does seem to say very positive things about how far Rob has come in his life.

Has the overweight, bitter, angry and jealous brother of Kim and company turned into a mature, appreciative, loving individual in the face of fatherhood?

Might he have learned some important lessons that he can pass along someday to his daughter?

Let's hope so.

And speaking of that daughter, take a look below. She sure is a cutie!!!!!

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