Pretty Little Liars SHOCKER: Who Murdered Jessica DiLaurentis?

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With Pretty Little Liars wrapping up, the series has a lofty task before it signs off:

Answer the multitude of questions that have been spun from the convoluted web of deceit over the past seven seasons. 

We've had three episodes so far of beating around the bush, with more red herrings than every thrown our way. It's hardly been the season of answers like Marlene King, and the cast has been trying to lead fans to believe. 

Hanna Is So Over A

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 14, we finally got the reveal to one of this biggest questions out there: Who the eff killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Surprisingly, the killer was Mary Drake ... at least according to Peter Hastings, who somehow reappeared in town weeks after Spencer was shot. 

Spencer picked up on his latest lie when she checked his passport and called him out on it. He told her he was actually investigating Mary with a private investigator. 

Um, alright then. Some time later, Spencer went to war with him, and he dropped the bomb that Mary took Jessica out of the equation with help from his drugs. 

Spencer was in disbelief. Let's face it: She was probably questioning whether her father was talking crap in the name of turning Spencer against her biological mother. 

Spencer's search for Mary found herself and Hanna crossing paths with Pastor Ted. Yes, that Same guy Ashley was romancing some time ago. 

Ted lied that he had never heard of Mary because Mary was hiding out in his house. He later came clean to Hanna that he was in a relationship with Mary in college and he was Charlotte's biological father. 

A shocked Hanna questioned who the other kid was in a picture with Charlotte. Nothing could prepare her for the revelation that the other kid was Lucas and that he was BFFs with Charlotte. 

Did this just implicate Lucas in being the King of Sketch? It sure seemed that way, and Hanna went on the offensive to find out the truth. 

Alison Having Emily's Baby?

Alison was stopped by Fury who opened up about the finger that was delivered to the police station. It was Archer's, and the police were convinced he was dead from around the time he was reported missing. 

While Fury tried to get the truth from Ali, she deflected it by saying that anyone could have gone after her ex-husband because he posed as a doctor and was not qualified. 

When Alison took her turn at the game, she found out that A had impregnated her with Emily's eggs. Unfortunately, all of this came when Paige and Emily put their differences aside. 

How will Paige react to Ali carrying Emily's child? Oh, the drama.

Aria ditched Ali and went to meet A.D. because she wanted out of the game. She was shocked to meet Sydney in the limo, but Sydney claimed she shot Spencer and created the game. 

She then offered Aria a role on Team A.D. She kept this quiet from the liars and got to skip her shot at the game, with Hanna taking another stab at it. 

So... does this mean Aria has gone rogue? We have no clue, but we're digging it. 

What did you think of the twists?

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