Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13 Recap: Death Becomes... WHO?!?

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Well, now we know what A.D. stands for.

Maybe. Possibly. But probably not.

Still, we'll get to that nugget of information in a bit.

First, let's go over what happened when Hannah played television's most dangerous game on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13, "Hold Your Piece."

Hey Loser!

The difficulties for Hannah got started after fashion blogger Runway Rebel accused her of stealing Claudia’s designs in order to dress Katherine.

These allegations really could not have been hurled at a worse time, either, as they flew just hours before Hanna and Lucas were scheduled to meet with their investors.

And then there was this little problem:

A.D. picked out an overly revealing look for Hanna to wear, one that would most definitely offend her conservative Japanese bankrollers.

Not that this mattered.

Because Hannah never even made it to the meeting.

Prior to stepping onto the elevator with Lucas, she received word (via a text message, of course) that Caleb was in the hospital; he’d been gassed while attempting to take apart A.D.’s board game.

Therefore, even though Caleb remained part of the land of the living, Hanna didn’t receive the special prize she would have gotten had she attended the meeting.

Spencer, Aria and Emily

What would that prize even have been?

Gotta figure the severed finger Detective Furey received in the mail during the episode’s concluding scene. (Side note: EWWWW!)

Elsewhere on a fast-paced and intense installment of Pretty Little Liars Season 7:

Yvonne awoke from her coma... and got married to Toby!

Unfortunately, these ended up being not only the last vows she could exchange, but some of the final words: during a heartbreaking chat about her future with Toby, his brand new bride took her last breath.

May she rest in peace.

Aria and Emily tracked down Sydney, who they believed to be Runway Rebel’s anonymous source.

Upon finding her, they discovered that she and Jenna are both being manipulated by A.D. (Heck, Sydney actually believes these initials stand for Anonymous Donor, hence our opening to this recap.)

A Happy Aria

Spencer and Marco spent the hour bonding over ping pong. That's about it.

Aria caught the very end of a television interview with Nicole.

During this Q&A, she said that the mere thought of seeing Ezra again was what helped her survive.

Needless to say, she was therefore bummed out, yet this disappointment quickly turned to panic and shock when Aria arrived home to find Nicole sitting all alone in the dark.


That's a lot to digest in one hour of television; some good, some bad, a whole lot sad.

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