Once Upon a Time Stunner: Who's Out?

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There is one episode remaining on Once Upon a Time season 6.

And, on a related note, there is also just one episode remaining for Jennifer Morrison as a lead character on Once Upon a Time.

The actress has announced she's leaving the show.

Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon a Time

Now, one important caveat to keep in mind is this:

ABC is yet to renew Once Upon a Time beyond this season.

Many fans have anticipated for many weeks now that Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 21 (titled "The Final Battle") will mark the conclusion of the beloved drama.

And now we have an even stronger reason to believe this will be the case. 

Still, long-time followers of the program are reacting with sadness to Morrison's announcement.

“As I reached the end of my 6 year contract on ONCE UPON A TIME, I was faced with a significant decision," the star wrote on Instagram this morning, adding:

"ABC, Eddy Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz very generously invited me to continue as a series regular. After very careful consideration, I have decided that creatively and personally, it is time for me to move on."

Jennifer Morrison Pic

Morrison has anchored the series as Emma Swan since the premiere.

She concluded her statement as follows:

Emma Swan is one my favorite characters that I have ever played. My 6 years on ONCE UPON A TIME has changed my life in the most beautiful ways.

I am absolutely blown away by the passion and commitment of the Oncer fans. I am so honored to have been a central part of such a special show.

I will be forever grateful to Adam, Eddy, and ABC for giving me the gift of playing Emma Swan.

It's also worth noting that simply because Morrison is leaving, this doesn't mean she's leaving her fan base high and dry forever.

Jennifer Morrison in Flowers

The actress promised loyal Once Upon a Time viewers that she'll continue to make appearances at fan conventions whenever she can.

“As I move on to other creative endeavors, I will continue to attend the fan conventions whenever my professional schedule allows,” she wrote.

“I always look forward meeting the fans.”

Finally, if ABC does, indeed, pick the show up for a seventh season, Morrison is willing to return and wrap up her character's storyline.

“If ABC Network does in fact order a season 7, I have agreed to appear in one episode, and I will most certainly continue to watch ONCE UPON A TIME,” she assured fans.

“The creativity of the show runners has always inspired me, and I cannot wait to see the ways that they continue to develop and reinvent the show.”

NOTE to ABC: Do not pick up Once Upon a Time for Season 7.

The show lost its creative juice about two years ago and Morrison's announcement here ought to serve as a final nail in its coffin.

It's been a great ride. But it ought to end now.

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