Matt Baier: Begging Amber Portwood to Film Sex Tape?!

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As we heard just a few days ago, Amber Portwood is considering the possibility of making a sex tape with her sketchy boyfriend, Matt Baier.

We know, we're still not OK either.

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood

Amber and Matt met with Vivid Entertainment, the same company that sold Farrah Abraham's sex tape, earlier this month to go over their options.

They have decided what to do about the offer yet, but from the way they've been going on about it on social media and in interviews, there's a good chance they'll go through with it.

Amber has said that she's not "strapped for cash," and that she has "a nice house a nice life. I have everything I need."

But, she's quick to add, "I'm a business person."

And in this new interview Matt did with Us Weekly, he's pushing the "business" aspect of a sex tape, and he's pushing it hard.

Matt Baier with Amber

Matt says that they took the meeting in the first place "because we're business people and people want to meet with us, and if they're legitimate people, we'll take the meeting."

Like people are knocking down his door for meetings, right? Oh, Matt.

"What I can tell you about the Vivid meeting," he says, "is that it was incredibly professional."

"We were shocked at how business-like and professional and low pressure it was. Both of us were extraordinarily flattered to get such a generous offer from Vivid."

"We never envisioned ourselves as being adult film stars, especially me in any way shape or form," he continues.

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic

But still, he says he and Amber are happy they took the meeting, because "It was a very good meeting that we really, really enjoyed."

But was it a good meeting? Was it handled professionally? It wasn't seedy or anything, was it? It was good?

"As business people," Matt explains, "Amber and I need to consider every offer we get from every different angle."

"No matter what offer -- we have several offers made to us -- we look at it with a pros-and-cons sort of business standpoint."

Very Important Businessman Matt knows that "there are people in the world who are going to judge us that we even took the meeting."

Portwood, Baier

But "I can tell you just from having that meeting, Amber and I gained a whole new respect for that industry that we didn't have before."

And before you point out that all the Teen Mom OG cast members came down on Farrah for making a sex tape, and Amber and Matt would be ridiculously hypocritical to do the same thing, check yourself.

"Despite our differences with Farrah -- and I can only speak for myself -- our disagreements with Farrah have nothing to do with the decision she made to do an adult film," Matt claims.

"I can tell you from getting that offer it's not an easy decision to make either way."

Amber and Matt on Instagram

"There's a semblance of respect there that she put herself out there like that," he adds of Farrah. "That's the one thing I can say that we agree with Farrah on."

So it seems like he's really, really trying to make this sex tape thing happen, doesn't it?

Not only is he going on about how wonderful and amazing and professional Vivid Entertainment is, he's also trying to make it seem like making a sex tape is a respectable thing to do.

Which is fine, of course, but let's not forget how Amber made remarks about Farrah "selling her vagina," and how she's nothing like Farrah.

Somebody better warn Amber and Matt about the dangers of living in a glass house.

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