Kendall Jenner: SLAMMED Over Vogue India Cover!

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Kendall Jenner simply cannot avoid controversy these days.

A few weeks ago, of course, the young model was roasted left and right for her role in a culturally-insensitive Pepsi commercial that implied the mere sip of this beverage could solve pretty much any crisis.

She then helped promote the Fyre Festival, a gathering of music fans that was so poorly organized it resulted in mass chaos, social media upheaval and reimbursements to all who attended the embarrassment of an event.

Kendall Jenner Waves

So... yeah.

It's been a tough month or so for Kendall, which is ironic.

Of all the Jenner-Kardashian sisters, she's the one who most often avoids scandals and poor public relations.

As Kendall has said on many occasions, she just wants to focus on her modeling career, which has actually proven to be a legitimate success over the years.

Perhaps this explains why Jenner wore next-to-nothing at the MET Gala in New York City on Monday night.

What better way to distract folks from a few controversies than to show them a great deal of skin?

But while the revealing outfit featured above may have worked temporarily, Jenner now finds herself back under fire.

The reality star is featured on the cover of the latest Vogue India.

As you can see below, the magazine has chosen to celebrate its 10th anniversary by photographing Jenner in a lacy Saint Laurent outfit in front of Jaipur's Sambodhe Palace.

Kendall Jenner Covers Vogue India

What’s the problem here?

Critics are coming down hard on Jenner's presence on the cover as "cultural hegemony," while criticizing Vogue for not getting "deserving Indian models" to mark the occasion instead of a rich white woman.

Asks one user:

"Why is Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue India when India literally has some of the prettiest models?"

Other critiques were more pointed. To wit:

kj slams

Others were critical, but also humorous:

kj jokes

This is actually somewhat similar to the Pepsi brouhaha.

How much responsibility should Kendall Jenner take when people grow angry over her commercials or her magazine photo shoots?

This pictorial was not her idea; neither was that Pepsi ad.

Should she have turned them down, aware of the backlash that may have ensued from each?

Or is Kendall a model and it's only her job to accept gigs, not question or predict their social impact?

There are no easy answers. We're curious to hear your take on this latest controversy.

As you formulate an opinion, cycle through the gorgeous snapshots below of Kendall on various runways around the world:

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