Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Share Big Announcement: Is She Pregnant?!

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It's been almost six months since Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, which means we're about five months and three weeks overdue for a baby announcement.

We kid, of course, but the Duggars do tend to move quickly when it comes to courtship, pregnancy, procreation.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on Instagram!

In fact, that's sort of their thing.

If you watch Counting On online, or even if you don't but you follow the Duggars even a little bit, you know this all too well.

With Jessa and Jill (and we suppose Anna), fast-track marriages have led to massive amounts of pregnancies for years.

But Jinger and Jeremy aren't as traditional as the rest of the Duggar clan. In some ways, she's rebelled more than anyone.

(Wisely, they waited until they were hundreds of miles away from Tontitown, Arkansas, to assert their independence.)

Hell, thanks to Jeremy, Jinger is even allowed to wear pants, just like a real modern woman of the early 20th Century!

Jinger and Jeremy on the 'Gram

Okay, so in most respects, she and Jeremy are still about 100 years behind the times, but there's one way in which they're SO 2017:

After more than half a year of deliberation, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have decided to ... officially join Instagram and Twitter!

Now, in order to appreciate what a big deal this is, you need to realize that social media is largely off limits in the famous family.

It's one of the many, many things that's banned in the Duggar household (see below for the full list) under normal circumstances.

But once they leave the house (which they're only permitted to do when they're married), Duggars are allowed to get on the 'Gram,.

So long as they don't post anything to racy, like a quarter-inch of ankle flesh, and so long as their husbands are cool with it of course.

Jinger and Jeremy Join Social Media

The fact that Jinger and Jeremy joined as a couple so long after getting married has led many fans to speculate that it's part of something bigger.

Put another way, more than a few members of Duggar Nation have jumpedto the conclusion that they're on the verge of a big announcement.

Rumors that Jinger is pregnant with Jeremy's baby started pretty much the second the couple said "I do," and as we said, it's been months.


Now, with Jinger Nicole Vuolo finally in Insta, fans are convinced that she entered the social media-verse to share her news with fans directly.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Jinger Duggar

“That's how the story goes right? ... First Comes love them comes marriage then comes Instagram in the baby carriage!,” wrote one new follower.

“Hmmm maybe a baby post soon?” speculated another.

One fan cut right to the chase, commenting simply:

“Babies coming soon!!!”

We wouldn't go so far as to call it a sure thing yet, but we would be surprised if the Vuolos don't make some sort of big announcement shortly.

We'll be on the lookout for the first Jinger baby bump selfie ... followed by Joy-Anna's, after she and Austin get married and get on IG.

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