Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Broke? Begging For Money From Fans?!

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are back in El Salvador, where they're performing missionary work and preparing for the arrival of their second child.

As the third trimester draws near for Jill, who celebrates her 26th birthday May 17, it seems that not all is going according to plan, however.

Jill, Derick and Israel Dillard Photograph

The Dillards have always planned to return to the States in order for Jill to give birth, but a recent update from the couple has fans wondering.

A blog post penned by Jill and posted on the Dillards' official website implies, in the interpretation of many readers, that they're going broke.

We're talking so short on cash that they won't be able to afford a flight home before the very pregnant Jill is no longer able to fly safely.

Jill begins the post, sounding very unlike the bubbly optimist that fans have come to know and love, by painting the following picture:

"The aroma of sweaty kids and stinky feet still lingers in the hospitality house (the place where we are living while we are here working on the mission field in Central America)." 

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar Selfie

She goes on to urge her followers to "continue to pray."

Specifically, for the family's "financial support."

"We still need to raise additional support for the rest of our time here on the field," the Counting On star adds.

"As well as the time we will be home surrounding the birth of our second little boy due in early July.”

Jill also asks fans to pray for her family's health, prompting a new round of speculation about Derick Dillard's rumored illness.

Jill downplayed the health concerns by explaining that she's simply concerned about the effects from the region's allergens.

Yes, and the impact they're having on her loved ones:

The Dillards: Headed Back to Central America!

"We have been dealing with seasonal allergies as the shift from the ‘dry season’ to ‘rainy season’ is beginning," she writes.

But while the health concerns thankfully appear to be minor, it looks as though the financial woes are anything but.

Jill made a point of those concluding her message from abroad by thanking those who had already contributed to her family's cause, writing:

“Thank you to those of you who are supporting us already!”

In the past, the Duggars have asked for money from fans and withdrawn their requests after being publicly criticized for their apparent greed.

To say the couple has been less than fully transparent with how the donations to their ministries are spent is an understatement, too.

Jill Duggar and Mr. Derick Dillard

The family pulls in millions just from their reality show, and that's far from the extent of Jim Bob Duggar's net worth or his family's.

It's not uncommon for individual members to receive five-figure paydays from one-time speaking gigs, like Jessa talking about modesty.

Sure, the money has to be divided many, many ways (there are 19 kids, after all, and counting), but the chorus of critics is growing.

As such, detractors have offered a simple solution to Duggars who complain that the cash simply doesn't go far enough:

When they're not filming their reality show or performing missionary work, they supplement their incomes ... by getting jobs.

Hey, if you watch Counting On online, you know Jana already has about 10, and "jobs" don't appear on this list (just saying):

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