Empire Season 3 Episode 15 Recap: Angelo Goes After The Lyons!

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Did Angelo and his mother manage to take down the Lyons?

That was their plan on Empire Season 3 Episode 15, in the wake of Angelo accidentally revealing all his illegal activity to the world. 

When the episode got underway, Lucious and Jamal were both in a hurry to get their albums completed. Lucious had the watchful eye of Snoop Dogg helping out, while Jamal had Tinashe. 

With Lucious swooping in to steal the Vegas residency for himself, he knew he needed his latest effort to be a hit or he ran the risk of his residency being a flop. 

Lucious wanted Snoop Dogg to invest in EmpireXStream. Naturally, Snoop seemed to think the album needed Jamal. 

“Jamal brings another audience, a different demographic,” he tells the Co-CEO of Empire

“You will be on Inferno,” Lucious demands of Jamal. But Jamal laughs it off. “You are not the only CEO at this company,” he says. 

Lucious was pissed, but what else could he do? More on that in a little. 

Lucious Is Not Impressed

Nessa turned to Cookie because she thought Andre was going to do something he would regret. Now, it's great Nessa cares about her man. 

I hated this girl when she first appeared because I thought she was an opportunist who wanted to capitalize on the Empire name. 

Turns out, she's a genuinely nice girl who is going to get caught in the crossfire of the Lyon dynasty. 

Cookie took the advice on board and went to catch up with Andre, who seemed to be getting a little too close for comfort to Shyne's men. 

Cookie offered Andre to run the Vegas deal like a family thing. Yes, because that's worked before. When there's power, there's just a whole lot of pain on this show. 

Cookie Has a Decision

Shyne says, “That doesn’t help me.”

“As far back as we go, you’re like a distant cousin,” said Cookie, who was trying to keep the peace, while getting a subtle dig in at the villain. 

Elsewhere, Jamal was getting increasingly frustrated at Lucious for not allowing his name on Bella's birth certificate. Lucious felt like his son was not ready. 

Now, that's hardly something for Lucious to worry his old head about. Jamal is a grown man, so let him make his own mistakes. 

Angelo then got the fire marshal to close Leviticus down for the night. If his job is on the line, he's not helping anybody out.

Lucious stormed over to Cookie and told her that she needed to get her man in check because he was not letting it go.

“You know what he did was about you! You know me too well, Cookie. I can’t let that go,” he tells her.

Giuliana and Anika then appeared, meaning Lucious had his three most recent loves around him. He did his best to get out of the situation. 

While this drama was going down, Hakeem caught Tiana and Tory going down on one another in the bathtub. 

After trying to explain the whole Bella situation, he gives in and hops in the tub with them for a threesome. 

Now, there's no confirmation that's what happened, but why else would he get in the tub? 

Over at Cookie's, Shyne seemed to be acting alright with Cookie, who was making some gourmet food. 

“Somebody needs to marry this woman immediately!” Shyne says. 

Cookie convinced the men to lower their weapons and let Lucious make money in Vegas because they will all win, apparently. 


Snoop tells Lucious that his investment banker urged him to steer clear of the Vegas deal. Turns out, Angelo's family member was in on it. 

Lucious raged at Cookie, so she turned to Angelo to try and fix things. Angelo was pissed that Cookie ruined the work his family had put years into. 

“When my family decides to shoot, your entire family will burn to the ground,” his mom barked at Cookie after showing up.

Cookie held a meeting, and the family decided it was time to take the DuBois clan out of the equation. 

Jamal caught up with Angelo and handed over a check to help all the kids at WOKE get through college. Angelo accepted. 

That night, the family decided to stop being so toxic to one another, so Anika is handed a divorce settlement along with $25 million.

Not bad for a murderer. 

Lucious gave Hakeem his place on the birth certificate and EmpireXStream.

The happiness was short-lived when it was revealed that Bella was being taken off the family because of child endangerment. 

Did the DuBois family take another strike?

We have a week to think about it. Geez. 

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