Chris Soules: Was He Drunk at Time of Fatal Crash?

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Chris Soules is already in very big trouble with the law.

As you likely know by now, Soules was arrested last Monday morning for leaving the scene of an accident that left one individual dead.

But the former Bachelor star could be in much, much, MUCH bigger trouble with the law if authorities determine he was drunk at the time of a crash that claimed the life of 68-year old Kenneth Mosher.

Chris Soules Mugshot

This would be the case for anyone.

Being drunk while getting into an accident is obviously worse in the eyes of the law than being sober; it shows one has acted in a far more irresponsible manner

For Soules, however, this piece of information is especially critical because he has an extensive criminal record, including multiple past citations for traffic and alcohol violations.

The ex-reality star could be charged with vehicular manslaughter if he's proven to have been drinking.

According to various outlets, Buchanan County officials have stated that Soules “possessed alcoholic beverages/containers” at the time of the crash.

Following the tragic incident, however, he didn't allow officers to enter his home after they obtained a search warrant.

Therefore, many hours passed before his blood-alcohol level was tested at the police station and it's unlikely it will turn up positive.

Chris Soules Sunset Photo

Soules has not been charged with any alcohol-related offense at this time, and an insider tells Entertainment Tonight that Soules was not drunk when his truck plowed into Mosher's tractor.

This same insider provided a few more details regarding what transpired, as well.

"The truck Chris was driving was one of the old work trucks they had on the land there," the source tells ET. "Not his everyday truck. He was near his land when the crash happened."

Indeed, Soules was about 15 miles from his farm in Iowa at the time of impact.

"An onlooker stopped, pulled over and told Chris to call 911. So, he did," the source expounds. "Chris climbed out of his passenger side window and called 911."

We have a recording of that call.

Lawyers for the star point to it as evidence that Soules did all he could to help the victim, while also providing his name and taking responsibility for what happened.

Listen to the 911 call now:

Soules did flee the scene, however, because he was "in shock" this source alleges.

Critics, though, believe Soules fled in order to go home and sober up and avoid the dangerous charge of DUI.

Either way, a relative who lives nearby was the person who came around and gave Soules a ride home.

Authorities are working to interview this relative and possibly even search his or her vehicle for more evidence.

Chris is currently wearing an ankle monitor as he awaits his next court appearance, which is scheduled for tomorrow, May 2.

He also was asked to turn in his passport, which means he will NOT be filming an ABC special that he was scheduled to appear on outside of the country.

It's safe to assume this was Bachelor in Paradise.

It's also safe to assume this is the least of his concerns right now.

Chris Soules in a Suit

Earlier this week, a rep for Soules released a statement that confirms Soules has hired three high-powered Des Moines, Iowa lawyers.

They have asked the public "not to prejudge this case based on media coverage," while stating their client "acted reasonably" in the aftermath of the crash, citing the above 911 tape as proof.

“My family and I are overwhelmed with this tragedy, but we are sticking together and we’ll get through it,” Soules himself said in a statement obtained by In Touch Weekly shortly after he posted $10,00 bail.

“Thank you for reaching out.”

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