Catelynn Lowell: Is Tyler Baltierra Leaving Her?!

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, Teen Mom's favorite couple, have been together for a very, very long time.

Like, since they were in middle school. This is no joke.

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But they're older now -- they're both 25, and between teen pregnancy, placing their daughter for adoption, mental health issues, and all that growing up stuff, they've been through a lot together.

After everything, it might be easy to believe that they'll be together forever.

But as we can see in a new Teen Mom OG sneak peek, that may not be the case.

In the clip, Catelynn and Tyler go on a little date together, adventuring in the snow. They have a great time, and when they get home, they start talking.

And that's where things start to go south.

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She suggests that once a month, they go out together, just the two of them, to do something fun, and "to just continue being open and honest with each other like we always are."

Tyler, who's seemed like he's been struggling this season, uses that comment to change topics a bit.

He tells her that they're still "learning," because "we have to value each other enough to make the other person feel super comfortable with us expressing how we feel."

For example, if he gets angry when she opens up to him, she won't feel comfortable opening up to him, and if she gets "over-dramatic" and cries, he won't want to talk to her.

Don't worry, Catelynn read between those lines.

Catelynn Lowell Purple Hair

She asked if he needed her to be less sensitive, and he told her that he needed her to be more receptive, and to not "jump to conclusions."

Catelynn cuts him off to tell him that it's hard for her, and Tyler flat out asks her "Do you whole-heartedly, like in your soul, believe that I'm not going to leave you?"

And she doesn't answer.

He starts to get frustrated, because he can't help thinking "What the f-ck, what have I done wrong?"

Then Catelynn ... well, it looks like we'll have to wait till next Monday to see how the rest of the conversation plays out.


It's just a little sad, isn't it? Because while Tyler has definitely made some mistakes -- who could forget that fat-shaming debacle? -- he's mostly been supportive of her for a long time now.

Their daughter turned two earlier this year, and he's spent all that time helping her through her battle with postpartum depression.

He took care of their daughter when she went off to rehab, and when she felt like she couldn't even get out of bed.

And while she obviously can't control her mental health, it's clear that Tyler needs some support now, too. With his father's relapse and with two solid years of being the strong one, he must be having a hard time.

It doesn't look like there's an easy answer here, with all the history and all the issues, but ... come on, kids.

Pull through.

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