Casey Anthony: I'm SO Bored By My Freedom!

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Casey Anthony is guilty.

Of murdering her two-year old daughter, Caylee?

No, Anthony was acquitted of that heinous crime in 2011.

Sad Casey Anthony

But a new report claims Anthony is guilty of being incredibly bored by her current life, which may include actual freedom as a result of her Not Guilty verdict...

... but also includes very little direction.

Anthony is secluded these days, and she's even turned off a few of her greedy associates.

“There were a lot of people who assumed that she’d someday make big money on her first interview,” a source close to Anthony's legal team tells People Magazine.

"[But] then she gave it away to the Associated Press.

"So there are all these people who thought that they were going to be part of it when she made the money, and then Casey went behind their backs and gave an interview for free.”

Anthony did, indeed, speak to the Associated Press in March.

Casey Anthony in Courtroom

She said at the time that she sleeps just fine at night and that she has no clue how her daughter died.

"I understand the reasons people feel about me," Anthony admitted at the time. "I understand why people have the opinions that they do.”

But while she may may understand these viewpoints, she doesn't give the much thought.

"I don’t give a s--t about what anyone thinks about me, I never will," she also said in this interview.

Anthony only has a some circle of friends right now.

Six years after a jury decreed that Anthony did NOT duct-tape her toddler’s mouth, poison her with chloroform and dump her body in the woods, Anthony is living with Pat McKenna.

Casey Anthony in 2017

He’s a private investigator who gives Anthony occasional work. She also makes money by posing for tabloid photos.

“There are days that she’s bored out of her mind,” says a second source to People, adding:

“There’s nothing really to do. She doesn’t have a huge circle of friends, and the friends she has are all employed elsewhere, so she doesn’t see them 24/7.

"She binge-watches TV, plays around on the internet, and doesn’t do much more than that. Frankly, it’s all pointless and aimless.”

This may explain why Anthony is supposedly considering a reality show... with OJ Simpson.

Both are believed to have killed people.

We're not asking anyone to feel bad for Casey Anthony here, of course.

We're just relaying the details of this report.

"Casey... does what she wants, and everyone else just has to deal with it," the publication concludes

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