Britney Spears and Sam Asghari: Secretly Married?!

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It's only been six months since we first learned that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are dating, but it seems the couple has been moving at breakneck speed since day one.

Rumors that Spears and Asghari are engaged have been circulating pretty much from the time they first got together, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before "insiders" started spreading the word that the couple has surreptitiously taken the next step.

Sam Asghari & Britney Spears Getting Close

Yes, according to OK! magazine, Britney and Sam secretly tied the knot at some point in the past few weeks.

“It might seem crazy after such a sort time, but everyone in her life says they’ve never seen her this happy,” a source tells the tabloid.

“Getting married secretly is just the sort of stunt she’d pull. Only now, she’s in a stable place emotionally.”

We think the source might be a bit confused about the meaning of the word "stunt."

If the rumors are true (huge "if"), then it's likely that Brit simply wants to make it official with the man she loves without the flurry of media scrutiny that surrounded her first two marriages.

Britney Spears & Sam Ashgari New Year's Eve Pic

Many fans forget that Brit has had not one but two weddings in the past, though in fairness, her marriage to Jason Alexander was an extremely short-lived affair that was quickly annulled.

Legally speaking, Brit is no longer under her father's thumb, so she's not required to seek his permission before getting hitched.

But insiders claim she still sought approval from the other most important men in her life:

“She would never marry Sam without asking her boys’ permission first,” says one tipster.

In fact, Sam's connection with her sons is reportedly the main thing that convinced Britney he's the one.

“He’s great with her boys, which is always her number one priority before she can get serious about someone," one source says.

Sam Ashgari Shirtless Photo

Sadly, it wasn't long after OK!'s report was published that Spears' PR team came forward to set the record straight.

One rep described the rumors as "completely not true" in a statement issued to Hollywood Life moments ago.

But don't lose heart Brit and Sam 'shippers.

It seems Ms. Spears has little doubt about where her relationship with Asghari is headed:

“Brit feels certain about her future with Sam,” one anonymous friend says.

“She’s telling friends that she’s never loved a man like she loves him.”

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