Briana DeJesus: Did She Get Pregnant, Have Plastic Surgery to Get on Teen Mom 2?

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Pregnant, future Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus will do anything to stay on TV, according to someone who helped her live the dream.

An inside source claims that the 22-year-old 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 alum underwent plastic surgery before her surprise promotion.

Briana DeJesus Photograph

Dr. Michael Salzhauer (a.k.a. Dr. Miami) says he helped her get the gig by performing the aforementioned Briana DeJesus plastic surgery.

“The vast majority of work that I do is on regular moms,” said Dr. Miami, the star of the self-titled WE tv "makeover" reality show.

“Everyone wants to feel confident about their bodies and I believe that Briana would have had the surgery even if she was not on TV.

However, "I think that it helped her” get the job.

He may be right that DeJesus getting surgery was something that was going to happen either way, as she is no stranger to the idea.

Briana previously chronicled her plastic surgery makeover on social media, including a butt lift, boob job and labiaplasty by Dr. Miami.

Briana DeJesus Up Close

The painful surgery was done all at once, and Dr. M said when you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you'll see a whole new woman this time!

“When you are in the public eye, you want to look your best,” Dr. Miami told celebrity news site Radar. “Was she a diva? Not to me.”

“She was really nice to me," the surgeon added, though he also acknowledged, "they want to be nice to me so that I do a good job!”

As for the question of why Briana DeJesus is on Teen Mom 2 now, no one has a clear answer ... other than she really wanted to be.

Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska are reportedly upset at losing screen time to Briana, and for good reason. 

The ratings are solid, social engagement is through the roof and the show is more popular than ever ... so why fix what's not broken?

Briana DeJesus on Teen Mom 3

Some fans have gone so far as to speculate that she got pregnant again - by an unnamed man no less - as part of her ticket on the show.

Of course, Kailyn Lowry already had that going for her. The baby factor doesn't hurt, but MTV's decision may have been more fundamental.

"Some of the girls are unreliable with filming, and others just are no longer bringing the drama viewers want to see,” one source said.

Jenelle's middle name might as well be Unreliable, while Chelsea doesn't bring much drama at all lately (more power to her, but still).

Leah's pretty mellow lately as well, and their sometimes mercurial baby daddies (Adam Lind, Jeremy Calvert) can only do so much.

Kailyn has been a source of non-stop drama, but that's one of our four, and MTV felt that “they needed someone to spice it up” basically.

Briana DeJesus Selfie

She likely won't let her bosses down in that regard, given that the show thrives on fights, bad boy exes, plastic surgery and daddy drama.

Let there be no doubt that DeJesus is qualified on every one of those counts and then some. Perhaps MTV has a point after all here.

In any case, there's no love lost between the current Teen Mom 2 stars and Briana, or her fellow Teen Mom 3 alumni for that matter.

One hater in particular, Mackenzie McKee is jealous she's not going to be on Teen Mom 2. To her credit, she actually admitted as much.

After all, she's been starting drama, spamming social media and pulling every lever she can to remain relevant for years. Years, people!

Life just is not fair.

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