Tyga: Dating Justin Bieber Ex Jordan Ozuna?!

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For young stars, Hollywood is basically a big high school cafeteria where every table is the cool kids' table.

So it's not surprising that such a tight circle results in a lot of romantic overlap.

Once someone is deemed dateable by a young famous person, they might spend the rest of their life bouncing around between relationships with other celebrities.

Tyga Hangs

Unfortunately, if they started with an A-lister, there's a good chance that it'll be all downhill from there.

Case in point: model Jordan Ozuna dated Justin Bieber during one of his many hiatuses from his relationship with Selena Gomez, but her latest hookup is considerably further down the totem pole of fame.

Ozuna is a former Hooters waitress turned model who recently walked in a Kanye West fashion show.

It seems she made some important contacts after stepping off the runway, as Radar Online is now reporting that Ozuna is dating Tyga.

Yes, Tyga - the "rapper" and professional coattail-rider who's only still a thing because he dated Kylie Jenner for a depressingly long time.

Jordan Ozuna Pic

Of course, Tyga and Kylie broke up earlier this month, and it seems that this time their relationship is over for good.

So T-Raww's days in the spotlight are numbered, but don't tell that to Jordan, who's apparently under the impression that she's hitched her wagon to a star.

So Jordan might not get what she's looking for from this relationship, but you have to hand it to Tyga:

It's not easy to exploit someone for fame so effectively that others begin to think they can exploit you for fame.

Jordan Ozuna Picture

And what's bad news for Ozuna could wind up being good news for Kylie.

Sources close to the situation say Tyga has been doing everything in his power to convince Kylie to give him a second chance.

It's not hard to see why he thinks his overtures would be successful, as Kylie and Tyga have gotten back together more times than we can count.

But this time, it seems his pleas are falling on deaf ears, and his relationship with Ozuna appears to be an indication that he's finally given up.

We give this relationship about a month.

It can take that long for two D-listers to realize that neither of them is the famous one in the relationship.

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