Tori Spelling: Having Another Child Saved My Marriage!

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Tori Spelling has given birth to her fifth child with love rat Dean McDermott and seems to think this new addition to the family will right the ship that was rocked almost three years ago when Dean cheated on her

The latest addition is a boy, and he was named Beau Dean. 

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Dine at Cecconi's

It all sounds like a storyline constructed purely for reality TV cameras, right? Yes, Tori has had a knack for having a very public relationship all in the name of ratings for her reality TV efforts. 

It's pretty desperate, but at least if it all goes up in flames, she has a cute new son to add to her growing brood. Also, the former Beverly Hills 90210 opened up to People about how she really feels about sticking by Dean

“Everyone was saying, ‘Divorce him! Why is she staying with him? That is weak,'” she revealed.

“But my gut instincts just shut it all out, and I said, ‘I love this man. If there is a way to work it out, I want to try to do that.’”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on a Red Carpet

“We worked on everything,” says Spelling. “The relationship as we knew it died. We had to bury that and start new.”

If anything, it seems like Tori loves Dean very much. It must have been horrible finding out that she was being cheated on, but Dean must be running through hoops to get her seal of approval again. 

Going to rehab for sex addiction was probably instrumental in their path to exploit save their marriage. Still, it sounds like a storyline ripped straight from reality TV or even Beverly Hills, 90210. 

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Pic

“Rebuilding our marriage took time,” the actress continued. “And now, having a new baby, it makes sense. It’s like a new baby in a new relationship.”

Dean even chimed in with his two cents to let everyone know Tori was not the only one who wanted a new baby. 

“I am so blessed and lucky that she never walked away, because now we have this incredible relationship,” he says. “And I can’t imagine life without Beau.”

Tori Spelling on the Phone

Good luck, Beau Dean, you're going to need it if your parents think the solution to solving problems is to have another kid. 

What do you think about all of this? 

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