The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 Recap: Who Died?!?

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Who did not make it out of The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 alive?

As is always the case with a season-ender of this successful AMC drama series, there was a big death to say goodbye. Turns out, this death may just have been a catalyst for giving the tired show a new lease of life. 

When the episode got underway, the Alexandrians reacted with shock and anger to Dwight showing up and offering his help to kill Negan. Tara quizzed him about killing Denise, but he said he had to do it. 

Just as Daryl was about to kill Dwight, Dwight claimed he could help with the looming war and told the group that Negan and his men were coming to take down Alexandria the next day. 

He offered to help them wipe the Saviors off the face of the earth. Surprisingly, decided to take Dwight up on his offer and sent him on his way back to the Sanctuary. 

The next morning, Carol took the Kingdom and Shiva towards Alexandria. On their travels, they bumped into Morgan, who was going after the Saviors alone. Carol managed to talk him into joining them. 

Back in Alexandria, Jadis and her group appeared to take control of the guns, while Rosita set up bombs around the perimeter to take Negan out once and for all. 

Is Eugene Evil?

When the Saviors arrived, Sasha pressed the detonator on the bomb, but nothing happened. In a shocking turn of events, Jadis and her people were revealed to be traitors and had made a better deal with Negan. 

All of her people turned their guns on the Alexandra people. After a tense bit of back and forth between Negan and Rick, the war was declared, but not before it was revealed that Sasha had killed herself in a coffin and tried to take a bite out of Negan. 

This caused the three factions to fight for survival, but ultimately, Negan managed to have Carl and Rick together. He told Rick he was going to kill Carl with one swing of Lucille. 

Rick told him to get on with it but warned he was still going to kill Negan. It was a bold accusation to make for someone who was about to die, but it showed just how much Rick had matured. 

When Negan first struck, Rick, did not know what to do or say to stop it. Thankfully, before there any bloodshed, the Kingdom and Hilltop arrived, and the war went into full force. 

Rick Is Ready for War

Jadis' people were pretty much made extinct, but Jadis fired a flare that found her people locking Rick's group in and setting off bombs. In a flash, the villains had made their getaway. 

Daryl got word from Dwight that he had nothing to do with Jadis' people turning the tables, while Rick and Carl found Michonne, who had survived her ordeal. 

Scenes of Sasha with all of the characters appeared sporadically through the episode. It was revealed that Sasha took the pill Eugene made for her. 

Negan questioned this back at the Sanctuary, but Eugene said she ran out of oxygen. Negan then told his troops to prepare for war. 

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