Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: Who the Eff is Addison?

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We laughed upon first reading that Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 12 was titled "These Boots Were Made foe Stalking."

That's a solid pun right there.

By the conclusion of this intense hour, however, we couldn't have been the only viewers whose expression turned from gleeful to fearful, considering a major revelation that was revealed toward the end.

Pretty Little Liars Game

Are you ready to meet cyberbully and new mysterious villain Addison?

She was introduced this week as a foil for Emily, clashing with the swim coach as a student at her former high school.

One might also say that Addison's boots were made for stalking, considering she snapped photos of Emily in private moments and listened in on her intimate conversations.

Having gathered quality blackmail material, Addison accused Emily of being inappropriate with her and other girls on the swim team.

The maneuver appeared to come straight out of Alison DiLaurentis' playbook, leading us to wondering what the connection is here (sisters?!?).

Oh, and did we mention Addision was texting with Jenna during the episode?

And that her last name is Derringer, meaning her initials are - yup, you guessed it! - A.D.?!?

Keep an eye on this one. Maybe even use the video below to watch Pretty Little Liars online in order to pick up on more Addison-related clues:


Aria and Ezra are going to get married. There's no way around it at this point. We simply have to believe the wedding will take place.

But the show is determined to make us wait and wonder, which is why Aria suffered through an awkward encounter with a Philadelphia Enquirer reporter who assumed Nicoel was Ezra's fiancee.

Aria proceeded to take her troubles straight to Holden’s kitchen, where her old friend lent her his ear in exchange for some tomato-slicing tips.

From there... well... things got weird.

Aria attempted to actually  visit Nicole, bringing with her the present of salt water taffy; only she was stopped outside the rehab clinic by Holden.

This led to a romantic dinner and a shoulder for Aria to cry on, as well as us to scream at our television sets:

WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ARIA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Pretty Little Liars Final Season Scene

Hanna and Mona, meanwhile, spotted  one of Hanna’s unreleased designs being worn around town...

... by Jenna!!!!

What the heck, right?!?

In response, Hanna enlisted Caleb for a kind of successful trip to Philadelphia, where she - of course - found herself locked in a cage, which nearly doubled as her coffin.

At some point, she may be best off just not leaving her house. Like, ever.

Em and Al

Finally, a pair of quick notes:

  • Jenna took a dramatic trip to the police station and then alleged that Noel forced her to do his bidding. Hence why she brought a gun in the first place: To protect herself.
  • Spencer's mom revealed that the family is selling the house.

What did you think of this week's episode?

Any theories on Addison? Is she yet another red herring or is she Uber A?

So many questions, so few installments remaining in the existence of Pretty Little Liars. It's sad but true.

Let's not cry because it's almost over, though. Let's smile because it happened.

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