Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: The End Game is Afoot!

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Throughout the years, the Pretty Little Liars have been playing a rather dangerous game of life, one that involves lying, cheating and murdering.

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11, Aria, Emily and company were faced with a different kind of game.

We're referring to an actual board game, as a gift was dropped off for our heroines that centered on a tiny replica of Rosewood, along with a piece representing each Liar.

Emily and Aria

Pretty cool and far more eerie, right?

Spencer was the first character to step up play after being told that she would garner a “reward” for visiting a “sick friend” in the hospital.

It seems like this had to have been a reference to Yvonne (who is in a medically-induced coma), yet Spencer she spent the entire visit chatting with Toby about how everyone will make it out of Rosewood someday.

That's quite the positive attitude on her part, we'd say.

As for the aforementioned reward?

It was soul-crushing note that Mary penned to Spencer just prior before giving birth to her at Radley - and also a puzzle piece that fit on the “home” spot on the board game.

Emily and Aria

But this wasn't the only family-related storyline for Spencer to come out of the spring premiere:

Via a heated back-and forth with Veronica, Spencer learned that her birth father is... her father!

Yup: Mary posed as Jessica DiLaurentis and carried on her sister’s affair with Papa Hastings. Can't say we saw that twist coming.

When Mary then became pregnant, Jessica came clean to Veronica about everything, giving her the option of adopting the child  and raising it as her own.

Concerned Liars


- Emily, Paige and Alison working together under the same roof didn’t exactly go smoothly. (That, we did see coming.)

At one point, Emily was forced to break up an intense war of words between the group and the tension continued back at the DiLaurentis residence, where Alison confessed that she still wasn’t sure how she feels about Emily.

“Please don’t kiss me again,” Emily said. “Not until you know.”

- With things relatively okay between her and Caleb, Hannah tried to focus on fashion.

Thanks to a “scathingly brilliant” plan concocted by Mona, Hanna's designs were outfitting the daughter of a New York senator within 24 hours.

Granted, there was a brief hiccup when Hanna discovered that Mona presented herself as the boss of the operation, but did Hannah really expect her pal not to take charge?

A Very Awkward Kiss


Aria was busy planning her wedding to Exra when she ran into Holden, who just happens to be working for his sister’s bridal business. What are the odds?!?

There was a very awkward interaction between the two, while we were left to wonder:

Should Aria really be full speed ahead with wedding while Ezra is still going back and forth to New York to see Nicole, who’s preparing to have all of her bones broken as part of some sort of surgery?

Just a question to ponder Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 12 airs.

What did you think of this opening installment?

It's the first in the final run of the iconic series, meaning just nine episodes remain.

You can click on the video above to watch Pretty Little Liars online in case you missed anything and you can scroll through the following slideshow to see what other shows will be saying goodbye in 2017.

May they all rest in peace.

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