Pink Breastfeeds Her Son While Hiking, Is an Inspiration to Us All

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Pink is just the best, isn't she?

So lovable, talented, fierce, beautiful ... if we were to list all of her positive attributes, we would never be able to do another thing in our whole entire lives.

One of the sweetest things about Pink is how much she loves her children, her daughter Willow and her little baby boy, Jameson.

Pink Breastfeeding Son

And in this precious new photo that she shared, you can really see the love.

So that's Pink out hiking with little Jameson riding along in a baby carrier while breastfeeding. Amazing, right?

In her caption, she explained "Hiking makes us thirsty!", and called Jameson a "happy baby" as well as a "hot pocket." She also used the ever-important "normalize breastfeeding" hashtag.

It's a darling little moment -- not to mention an impressive one -- and while Pink got a ton of support from her followers, she also, unfortunately, received quite a bit of criticism.

"Why post this?" one person asked, adding "Gross."

Pink's Second Pregnancy

"It should be done in private," another asserted, "not putting your child and breasts on public display."

One person had some particularly strong feelings about the photo, writing "Y'all are getting weird by the MF day. Yep breastfeeding is natural but showing your child in their natural feeding habitat to post to your Instagram is sloppy AF."

"I hate how celebrities complain of all the unwanted attention and invasions of privacy," yet another hater lamented. "I do love Pink and her music but they post something that should be so intimate and private."

"How is your child gonna feel in 20 years? Personally I feel breastfeeding in public should be kept covered."

Pink, Baby

OK, so to break it down, Pink breastfeeding her baby isn't "gross" or "sloppy AF," it's natural. The kid is eating. That's all.

She shouldn't be expected to go into hiding while feeding her son, nor should she be expected to throw a tablecloth over herself so that no one see a hint of breast.

If she wants to share photos like this on Instagram, who cares? Honestly, how is that hurting anyone?

Do these people really think that in 20 years, Pink's son is going to be upset with her because of some picture she put on the internet in 2017?

It's all just so painfully ridiculous. Can we just let Pink live her glorious life already?

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