Kylie Jenner Cozies Up to Travis Scott at Coachella

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Both Kylie Jenner and Tyga stopped by Coachella over the weekend.

But rather than stoke talk of a romantic reconciliation, these sightings did the exact opposite.

Because not only did Kylie and Tyga attend the music festival separately... Jenner was seen getting cozy with another man!!!

Kylie Jenner in an Ugly Outfit

(And this other man apparently has no problem with someone whose wardrobe includes the very odd and, let's face it, very ugly outfit above.)

Indeed, just a few days after reports surfaced about Kylie and Travis Scott possibly being a Thing, the stars gave fans yet another reason to wonder about their status on Saturday and Sunday.

According to People Magazine, the Instagram model and hip hop artist went to designer Jeremy Scott’s Moschino x Candy Crush party at Coachella.

They each arrived around 2:45 a.m. on Saturday morning and went straight to the shindig’s VIP area.

“Kylie and Travis made their way to a private table, where they were joined by friends and enjoyed the deejay,” an onlooker tells People, adding:

“After five minutes of being in a very crowded space, Travis got up and left the table, and Kylie followed him out with her friends following close behind her.”

Kylie Jenner Attends Coachella

Kylie and Tyga broke up several weeks ago, although most observers didn't take the split seriously when it went down.

It wasn't exactly the first time these two supposedly went their separate ways; in the past, they've always given their relationship another go after a short period apart.

But this one did seem more serious right from the start, considering Tyga has actually moved out of Kylie's mansion.

Still, People quotes an insider who says Jenner may just be playing games with Scott.

“He and Kylie have also been friends for a while and they all hang out,” says the source.

“When she and Tyga are having drama, she tries to make him jealous by hanging out with other guys.”

This is basically Girl Manipulation Moves 101. We've all been there, on one side of the dating game or the other.

Kylie and Tyga Look Weird

“They tend to take little breaks all the time and then get back together,” an unnamed friend previous said to People about Jenner. “It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again.”

Especially because another outlet claimed that Jenner's jealously play is working.

“He is not ready to let go of Kylie yet,” a source tells Hollywood of Tyga, adding:

“Tyga is trying to stay busy and act like he’s having the time of his life at the festival, but he’s secretly checking her social media all the time."

Neither Tyga nor Jenner has spoken out in public about their latest break-up.

They seem to be handling it in a mature, amicable manner, but perhaps we don't see everything that's going on.

It sounds as if a lot is being done and said behind the scenes that may very well lead to yet another dating go-around for the roller coaster couple.

Writes Hollywood Life of that possibility:

“Tyga won’t admit it, but his friends think it’s obvious he wants to get back together with her.

"He can’t stand the thought of her being with anyone else, so the fact that she’s been hanging out with Travis is driving him nuts.”

That's understandable, but you shouldn't get back together with someone because you're jealous.

You should simply do it because you're in love with that other person, regardless of who they are or are not dating.

Just something to think about, T.

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