Keeping Up with the Kardashians Ratings Fall AGAIN: Is the End Near?!

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Sad news for fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians ...

Though thankfully, judging by the show's ratings, there aren't too many fans left.

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Things are looking bad for the once mega-popular reality show. Real bad.

Beginning with the show's 13th season premiere last month, the ratings began to drop. That show managed to pull in 1.48 million viewers then -- a big drop from the 3 million people that used to tune in.

After that, the ratings dropped to 1.41 viewers, which seems significant, right?

But now the ratings are in for Sunday's episode. And things are looking pretty darn dire.

The episode, all about Kim Kardashian's desperate desires to have a third child despite her doctor's warnings against it, only brought in 1.16 million viewers.

To put it simply, "yikes."

Kim Kardashian Totally Breaks Down

According to an insider who spoke with Radar Online, "The show is getting less and less popular."

"This is really scary because Kris and Kim and everyone have done as much as they could to drum up publicity for the show."

And apparently, there's not much left for them to do -- if the big episode about Kim's Paris robbery couldn't entice viewers (and it couldn't), then what could?

"The was the big episode," the insider explained.

"Nothing else they've got could probably top that."

Really, it's amazing that the show's lasted as long as it has. It premiered in 2007, which means that it's been a full decade that this family's been in the spotlight.

As the years have gone on, the family has gotten more and more famous, meaning they can ask for higher salaries and additional security.

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The Kardashian/Jenner kids have gotten married or gotten steady significant others, adding more cast members to the show, which, again, adds more salaries.

It's got to be bleeding money at this point, but still, the family is trying to hold on.

"The entire family is completely freaking out right now," a source has said about the situation.

"They would not know what they would do with themselves if the show got canceled."

We've also heard that Kris Jenner "blasted everyone" and gave them an "order" to "do things that their fans like."

She wants to "interact with them, but do fun things so that people will watch them on social media and then they'll tune into the show."

There's even been talk that Kourtney Kardashian is "livid" with Kim because "Kim seems to be completely over it."

"She seems to think that she will continue being super famous whether or not KUWTK is on the air."

But that's fair, isn't it?

Kim will likely always be famous, TV show or no TV show, and it makes sense that she'd want a quieter life after what happened last fall.

And goodness knows the rest of us would be fine without weekly reminders of this vapid, relentlessly dramatic family.

We just have to hang on a little longer, OK? We're almost through this.

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