Kailyn Lowry on Baby Daddy: He's Toxic!

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If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, you're probably aware of the ongoing drama surrounding Kailyn Lowry's third pregnancy.

Kailyn has chosen not to divulge the identity of her baby daddy, but while she won't say his name, she's spilled plenty of tea about what kind of guy he is.

Kailyn Lowry: With Baby!

It seems Kailyn and the mystery man recently went through a bad breakup, possibly as a result of his disinterest in being a part of his child's life.

Last week, Kailyn confirmed she'll be raising the child alone in a justifiably outraged social media rant:

“I think I’m most worried about the changes ahead, but also that I will have this baby 24/7 by myself with no help,” Kailyn tweeted.

“I’m going to be a single parent from the beginning!”

Fortunately, Kailyn is in a better financial position than most single moms, but raising three kids with three different fathers all by herself certainly won't be easy.

Kailyn Lowry: Just a Mom Thing!

Kailyn is pissed, and she has every right to be.

So perhaps it's not surprising that Lowry is still throwing shade online:

“Cut out those toxic to you & you’ll see what you’ve been missing out on,” she tweeted over the weekend.

She then underscored her point by retweeting a fan's thoughts on the matter:

Kailyn Lowry Chills

“If the person you are with is not your #1 fan, recruit one of the regulars in your iMessages," the tweet read.

“There is just absolutely no reason anyone should show more love than the person you’re with.”

While little is known about Kailyn's absentee baby daddy, we do know that he and Kailyn dated briefly and that she seemed quite smitten with him during their time together. 

These days, Kailyn is not quite so keen on the dude, and she's understandably freaked out by the prospect of raising a third child without a father figure in the home.

Fortunately, those closest to Kailyn say that she's getting all the love and support that she needs from her large network of friends:

“All of her friends support her. Her friends have been very supportive," a source tells Radar Online.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Kailyn handle the challenges of single motherhood like a boss.

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