Kailyn Lowry Drops Hint About Baby Daddy's Identity!

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For weeks now, Teen Mom 2 fans have been obsessing over the identity of Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy, while seems determined to keep her secret.

Of course, it's nothing short of impossible to keep anything under wraps when you have social media followers numbering in the millions.

Kailyn Lowry: With Baby!

As a result, whether it was her intention or not, Lowry has left a bread crumb trail of online clues that her most obsessive fans have followed diligently.

At first, all signs seemed to point to Kailyn being pregnant by Chris Lopez, a man who by all accounts she briefly dated last year.

There were at least a couple of other candidates, including Teen Mom 2 producer JC Cueva, but Lopez emerged as an early frontrunner.

Today, however, Lowry seemed to contradict that very consensus.

A fan tweeted at her, "Her baby is half Spanish like the other two.”

Kail's response? “What? The baby I’m having is def black lol.”

Kailyn Lowry: Expecting!

We won't wade into the potentially problematic nature of Lowry's tweet (except to say that's one confusing "lol"), and instead we'll focus on how fans are responding to the comment.

Some believe it's a joke. (Ugh. That would be such an inexcusable joke. Sorry! We said we wouldn't go there, but how can you not.)

Others seem to believe it's Kail's way of throwing fans off the trail.

(Seems like the best way to keep this particular secret would just be to simply stay off social media for a few months, but again, we digress.)

Still others believe she's telling fans the truth, albeit strangely, and that this is Kailyn's first direct comment on the identity of her baby's father.

Kailyn Lowry in the Kitchen

Previously, the only time she intentionally addressed the speculation on social media was to say that she does know who the father is.

Not that she plans on revealing it to you, but she took umbrage at the notion that she'd somehow be unaware of his paternity.

Kail has dropped several hints that Lopez is the dad, but they appear to have been accidental as well as circumstantial at best.

In one case, she referred to the child's father as "Chris" during an Instagram livestream that was cut short just seconds later.

Kailyn's latest tweet on the matter seems to offer contradictory information, which may have been the 25-year-old's intention.

Fans awaiting clarification shouldn't hold their breath.

Kailyn Lowry Argues with Javi

Lowry isn't doing much in the way of elaboration these days, though conveniently she weighs in just enough to stoke rumors every so often.

All part of the master plan ... or at least making lemonade out of lemons after an accidental pregnancy that threw her life into chaos.

Hey, it should make for quality ratings in 2018, right?

As always, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to relive the rollercoaster ride that brought Kailyn to where she is today.

And of course, you can follow her on social media to try and piece together the various clues about her love life these days.

There's a lot of material, that's for sure.

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