Kailyn Lowry Breaks Silence on Sex Tape Rumors

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Yesterday, we reported on the possible existence of a Kailyn Lowry sex tape.

The rumored footage is said to feature Kailyn in a threesome with a man and another woman.

Fans have speculated that the other woman in the tape is Kailyn's long time friend Becky Hayter.

Kailyn Lowry in the Kitchen

Obviously, none of this has been confirmed by either Lowry or Hayter.

In fact, all day yesterday they were both silent on the subject.

This morning, however, Kailyn finally spoke out about the rumors, and interestingly, she doesn't deny that the tape exists.

"Y'all aren't seeing any sex tapes of me. Idk where people come up with these rumors."

It could be Kailyn's way of denying the existence of the footage - but it could also be her way of playing coy.

Becky Hayter, Kailyn Lowry Photo

Just because we won't be seeing the tape, that doesn't mean it's not out there.

According to the site Crazy Days and Nights, where this story originated, Kailyn was briefly concerned that one of the parties involved in the making of the tape was planning to release it publicly.

The issue was reportedly sorted out, and now Kailyn is said to be confident that the racy video will never see the light of day.

So she can now assure fans that they'll never see her starring in a homemade porn ... but that doesn't mean such footage was never filmed.

Some of Kailyn's followers have called her out, citing her tweet is evidence that the tape does indeed exist:

Kailyn Lowry at Home

"If it wasn't true, you wouldn't be trying so hard to deny it," wrote one fan.

"Why put energy into something that isn't true? ... She's denied it three times now."

In all likelihood, Kailyn will be able to quietly put the matter behind her, and we'll probably never get a definitive answer as to whether or not the rumors were true.

But that doesn't mean fans will stop putting her sex life under a microscope.

There's still constant speculation as to the identity of Kailyn's baby daddy, and it seems the only way Kailyn could a stop to it is to reveal the guy's name.

It looks as though she's not planning on doing that, so for now at least, the rumors will continue.

We guess that's just the price of Teen Mom fame.

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