Jennifer Lopez: Totally Controlling Alex Rodriguez?!

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By now, you've probably heard the news that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are dating.

In a way these two are such a perfect match it's hard to believe they took so long to get together.

Their mashup couple name even seemed to announce itself, fully-formed on the day that the news of their relationship went public:

Jennifer Lopez Sizzles!

J-Rod. Perfection.

After several years with an unknown backup dancer, (sorry, Casper Smart) Lopez was back to dating a dude close to her own level of fame.

Of course, the relationship is also more than a little surprising, as A-Rod's fame comes with a healthy dose of infamy.

The guy is widely despised by baseball fans as a result of doping allegations, massive paydays that were rarely justified by his on-field performance, and reports of generally douchey behavior.

From a PR standpoint, he has far more to gain from this relationship than J-Lo does.

Alex Rodriguez for Fox Sports

So it's not surprising that sources close to the couple say there's a serious power imbalance, and Jen has the upper hand.

According to Radar Online, Lopez has issued Rodriguez a lengthy list of demands that he must meet in order for their relationship to continue.

“It reads like some kind of style bible,” one insider reveals.

“He’s totally under her thumb.”

It sounds far-fetched, but if there's anyone in Hollywood we can imagine issuing a "style bible" to new boyfriends, it's J-Lo.

Jennifer Lopez at the People's Choice Awards

Despite the demands of the relationship, sources say Alex is happy to be offered the chance to serve as Jen's arm candy.

“He’s very lucky she’s giving him the time of day, given his bad reputation,” one tipster claims.

Prior to this relationship, Lopez briefly dated Drake, and the fling apparently taught her some important lessons about the challenges of dating high-profile, successful men.

“Jen’s not making the mistakes she made with Drake and Alex is banned from being seen with any other woman under the age of 40," says the source.

But A-Rod's code of conduct doesn't end with the company he keeps:

Alex Rodriguez in a Nice Suit

“She’s also given him an approved wardrobe list and a list of instructions on where to stand next to her on red carpets,” one insider claims.

“It’s even got the expected number of hours they’re to spend together in a week.”

Damn, Jen.

What's next, routine urine tests?

Just kidding, A-Rod!

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