Empire Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: Is Lucious Dying?!?

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Empire has staged a comeback in Season 3, with storylines that are actually coherent and make us care for the characters. 

On Empire Season 3 Episode 13, Lucious was shocked to hear that his condition was deteriorating and he was treated from his bed because he was not strong enough to go outside. 

He lied to Cookie that he was struck down with the flu, so she used it as her opportunity to release some new music from Jamal. Jamal was initially against that, but he agreed after learning just how sketchy Lucious could be. 

However, things took a turn when Cookie was interviewed about the track and opened up about her love for Lucious. She did not bank on this interview being uploaded to Empire X-Stream, and Angelo was not impressed. 

A group of girls hounded the pair when they were voting and seemed a little too excited about the prospect of Cookie and Lucious rekindling their relationship. Angelo, stormed off, leaving Cookie alone. 

Later, Anika visited Cookie after receiving death threats from Thirsty and Lucious. She asked Cookie to look after Bell if anything ever happened to her. Yes, these two women actually have a thing in common: Their love for their family. 

Cookie agreed, with Anika saying she knew Cookie still loved Lucious, even though Cookie tried to deny it. This prompted Cookie to think about her past and the good times she had with Lucious. 

Cookie Is On A Mission

Elsewhere, Hakeem struggled to come to terms with the news that he was being sued after the woman was attacked at his birthday celebrations. Thirsty decided to go forward with deposing the woman. 

Hakeem was upset that Thirsty went too far and decided to release a song about being nice to women. Cookie and Jamal seemed to think he needed to do this to show off that he was not a misogynist like his music seemed to imply he was. 

While all of this was going on, Nessa was introduced to Giuliana, who asked if it would be okay if she could stop by for a threesome. We wish we were kidding about that last part. 

Nessa was shocked to learn Andre was saying they had an open relationship and questioned him about it. He said that was how he did business, but Nessa said she was not Rhonda and would not stand for it. 

Andre then went to a board meeting with the proposals for the Vegas residency, but Lucious shot it down. The board members decided it was a good idea to go with Andre's plan and Lucious was shocked to the core. 

Finally, Angelo was revealed to be the winner of the election, and Lucious showed up to crash the party. He sang a song he wrote for Cookie that made her remember the good times. Did she fall back in love with him? It sure seemed that way. 

Giuliana showed up, and there was an immediate connection between her and Lucious. 

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