Chris Brown Accused of Nightclub "Sucker Punch," May Face Lawsuit

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Chris Brown is once again under investigation for using his fists in an inappropriate manner.

But at least this time the singer's target wasn't Rihanna's face.

Hey, that really is progress!

Chris Brown Sings and Sucks

According to TMZ, Brown was taking part in a paid appearance at some nightclub in Tampa called Aja Channelside early Monday morning when alleged fisticuffs went down.

Management tells the celebrity gossip website that the establishment's in-house photographer was snapping picture when the artist and his entourage arrived around 1:30 a.m.

Almost immediately, Brown's people shut the guy down.

They told him to stop taking photos.

After Brown got himself set up and was spinning tracks in the DJ booth, the photographer, Bennie Vines, claims he was simply taking snapshots of the crowd from behind the featured act...

... when Brown noticed and, naturally, flipped his $hit.

Chris Brown Instagram Stare

Vines alleges that Brown leaped over a couch and simply attacked him, punching Vines in the face while he was cornered in the club.

In a video provided to TMZ, we can see Brown and his bodyguard and a whole bunch of punches being thrown.

The police were quickly called to the scene, but Brown had departed by the time they arrived.

Vines, meanwhile, says his jaw is throbbing and he has a split lip. He was taken to the hospital on Monday and cops say they are looking into accusations that Brown “sucker punched” Vines.

In a follow-up story, Vines confirms that he has filed a police report and says he's strongly considering a lawsuit.

You can see a close-up of his busted lip below, which Vines says was the result of him simply doing his job.

painful pic

The last time we heard from Chris Brown he was doing things that make us believe there's some legitimacy to Vines' claims.

In a very disturbing video Brown shared a couple months ago, for instance, the singer admitted to acting like a stalker.

He came right out and said that his interpretation of having feelings for someone is that you don't ever leave that person alone and you don't let anyone else be with them, either.

No matter what the woman herself wants or thinks.

"If I love you, bitch, ain't nobody gonna have you," said the ill-tempered star. "I'm gonna make you miserable."

(Editor's Note: How does this guy still have fans?!?)

Brown also dropped a filthy song about Rihanna in March.

The guy is violent and egotistical and self-centered and... did we mention violent? Like, REALLY violent?

But he can sing and dance well so people overlook his psychotic actions and viewpoints on life.

It's a sad commentary on society.

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