Briana DeJesus: Why the Heck is She on Teen Mom 2 Now?!

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Teen Mom 2 Nation was shocked this winter when MTV made an unprecedented move and added a fifth cast member in Briana DeJesus.

It's still not entirely clear why the network decided to recycle the 16 & Pregnant alum, but we're beginning to piece together the clues.

Briana DeJesus Up Close

The above photo of Briana is basically a representation of Jenelle Evans' brain when she heard the news of DeJesus joining Teen Mom 2.

All of the cast members are pissed about Briana, in fact, and Jenelle, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska may have a point:

Why fix what ain't broke?!

These days, more people watch Teen Mom 2 online than ever before, TV ratings are solid, and social engagement is through the roof.

If there were ever a formula NOT to mess with, this would appear to be it, but insiders have revealed why the network made the call.

"Some of the girls are unreliable with filming, and others just are no longer bringing the drama viewers want to see,” one source said.

Briana DeJesus Photograph

Hmm. Chelsea Houska is the only one who doesn't bring non-stop drama, so that's gotta be her ... and Jenelle's gotta be Ms. Unreliable.

Right? In any case, “they needed someone to spice it up,” even if there was no single determining factor that made MTV pull the trigger.

Spice it up she will, too.

There's no denying that for a show that thrives on fights, bad boy exes, plastic surgery and baby daddy mysteries, DeJesus is qualified.

Briana checks all of the aforementioned boxes and then some, and you can bet your a-- she'll bring the drama to the 2018 season.

The 22-year-old frequently clashed with her own mom, Roxanne, on Teen Mom 3, the short-lived spinoff to OG and TM2 from 2013.

DeJesus also feuded with the father of her five-year-old daughter Nova, Devoin Austin, a guy who can make Adam Lind look saintly.

Briana DeJesus and Nova

Okay, maybe that was a little bit of a stretch, but Austin has been arrested for drug possession, burglary, and shoplifting in his heyday.

Roxanne even sought a restraining order against Austin at one point, claiming he threatened Briana and that he possessed weapons.

Ultimately, that effort was unsuccessful due to insufficient evidence, but it underscores the non-stop tumult that has marked her life.

Oh, and perhaps most notably, and most currently, DeJesus is pregnant with her second child, and has yet to reveal the kid's father.

That makes 40 percent of the Teen Mom 2 cast.

One would have guessed that Kailyn Lowry had the whole mystery baby daddy angle locked up and all to herself this season. No longer.

Briana DeJesus Selfie

Speaking of Kailyn, get this:

Lowry's former husband/second baby daddy Javi Marroquin and Brittany DeJesus, Briana's sister, were just busted in bed together.

So there's that. 

Javi insisted that there's nothing going on and they just had "business in LA" together last weekend, but Snapchatting in bed? Honestly?

Not a lot of love lost between the Teen Mom 2 cast and Briana, or the Teen Mom 3 cast for that matter. Some haters are just hating.

Mackenzie McKee is jealous she didn't get the job, having gone out of her way to start drama, spam social media and stay relevant.

For years. Years! And what does MTV do? Hire her former co-star who's not NEARLY as popular on Instagram. The indignity.

Mackenzie's feelings aside, Briana is already filming the new season, and will be featured when she show returns, likely next winter.

How do you feel about her addition to the cast?

Excited for more drama, which there's no doubt she'll bring, or sad about less screen time for others? Is MTV tinkering with a show that's fab as is?

Hit the comments below to discuss!

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