The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Recap: Did Sasha Survive?

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Did Sasha manage to take down Negan?

That was a key question on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 when it became apparent the end was near for some of our favorite characters. 

When the episode got underway, Sasha was being held captive by Negan. David appeared in the room and tried to rape her, so she head butted him. Negan appeared and was less than impressed with his actions, so he killed him. 

Negan recognized Sasha from the day he killed Glenn and Abraham and questioned whether Rick and his group were in on her plan. Negan left Sasha and the corpse in the cell, but it was not long before Eugene appeared. 

Sasha was dazed and confused as her former ally tried to explain why he was not joining in the fight against Negan. This shocked Sasha who thought about joining the Saviors. Later, she revealed that she was ready to die and wanted Eugene to give her a blade to do the job. 

Eugene Turns Bad

Her hopes of making a getaway were dashed when Eugene gave her the pill he made to kill Negan a few weeks back. Sasha fell to the floor as she realized Eugene was part of the issue by joining the Saviors. 

Elsewhere, Tara and the Alexandrians made their way to Oceanside to steal their weapons. Tara managed to get into the compound undetected. She went straight for Tonya, but she did not agree to join them. 

Sindy felt betrayed that Tara would show up like that after promising she would not say a word to anyone. Tara was quick to point out that the Saviors are taking all over the other groups out. 

Bombs started going off outside the compound. It was all part of Tara's plan to scare them into joining the battle against Negan. When walkers appeared, the two teams joined forces to take the walkers down. 

Tonya disappeared to lay down, but Sindy said she wanted to join the fight and take the Saviors down once and for all. The Alexandrians took the guns and vowed to bring them back when the war was over. 

Sindy thanked Tara for being so brave and going to war. Tara smiled as she left the compound with her people and saying she did not feel bad about the guns. 

To be fair, she had a point. She and her people were going to make Atlanta safe once again from the villains. 

Gregory and Maggie

At Hilltop, Gregory got ready to stick the knife in Maggie's back when she was not looking, but he decided against it because he was scared. 

When the walkers appeared, Maggie was the one who saved him. Gregory looked pathetic as other members of his group looked on in disgust at a pregnant woman saving his life. 

Finally, the group returned to Alexandria to find Rosita with Dwight. Daryl tried to kill him, but he said he wanted to join them to get away from the Saviors. 

Oh, the drama. 

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