The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 Recap: The Other Side

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Have we reached the end of Sasha's story?

On The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14, Rosita and Sasha put their plan in motion to kill Negan, but they quickly realized the mission was going to come with its fair share of heartbreak. 

When the episode got underway, we picked up at Hilltop with scenes that showed our favorite characters how to fight in the looming war. 

Rosita and Sasha decided that it was time to make their move and take Negan out once and for all, but they were trying to figure out what it would be like in Negan's compound. 

Jesus noticed Sasha drawing her interpretation of a map, so he filled the rest of it in for her as he did not want her to die if she did go through with the plan. 

Sasha was then caught by Jesus stealing some of his bullets. She fumbled her way through an apology, but Jesus was nice enough about all of it. He worried that she and Rosita were going to die, so tried to make them stay. 

Enid told Sasha that she was telling Maggie about the plan, but things took a terrifying turn when the Saviors showed up at Hilltop. Plot twist: They were not looking for supplies. 

Daryll Is Struggling on The Walking Dead

Rosita and Sasha made their escape out the hole in the fence that Maggie made previously. Maggie and Daryl were forced to hide to stay alive. 

One of Negan's goons managed to get into the room they were hiding in, but all he could do was admire food that was there. When he left, Daryl (finally!) apologized to Maggie for Glen's death. 

Surprisingly, Maggie was over it and told him there was no way she was blaming him for the death because of the dire situation they were in down to Negan. 

It was a heartbreaking scene that showed there was forgiveness ... even when the whole world had turned to crap. 

Things at Hilltop took an interesting turn when Simon revealed they were there to take the doctor, but Gregory decided to act like he was the boss all of a sudden. 

Jesus Is Fearing for the Hilltop Colony on The Walking Dead

It was pathetic, and Simon took him outside to let him know that he was the boss and he could not do anything about taking the doctor but offered Gregory to meet up with him if he wanted to try and fix things. 

As Simon and the Saviors parted, they gave Gregory a crate of Aspirin, but Gregory was not impressed with this gift. After Simon and his people left, Gregory realized Jesus was fighting for the other side and told him to stay away from him. 

Jesus was not impressed because Gregory was just rolling over to let the Saviors win the war. 

Sasha and Rosita had a conversation about how Abraham had changed their lives and managed to bond. When they arrived at the compound, they got ready to take a shot at Negan, but Eugene kept getting in the way of them. 

After deciding to stay away from the camp and take the kill from outside, they realized the only way to be sure was to go in. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

They waited for night time and broke in, but Eugene made it clear he was against them and said he was not leaving. Things took an interesting turn when Sasha locked Rosita out and went on the suicide mission alone. 

The episode came to a close with Rosita being caught by someone just outside the compound. 

Is she a goner?

We'll need to tune in next week!

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